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So You Want to Be a Make-Up Artist: Stories from MUD Manila Day 2

By Aninafish @aninafish

I have concluded that you need core strength, you're standing upright for much of the time that you're working if you're lucky that your workstation and your client are high enough from the ground that you don't have to bend. Your hands and arms don't necessarily get tired because the movements are very soft and light.

But it really is as much fun as you would imagine it to be, especially when your clients are happy with what they see. 


We dealt with highlighting and contouring. If you draw or paint or even take photographs, you have a pretty good idea of what light and shadows can do to a subject. In the same way, whatever you make bright or allow to reflect light will push forward and conversely, whatever you darken will recede. So your smoky eye, your contouring, even the application of lip gloss (just at the center of your lip) all work on this same idea. So if you understand that, then you can shape a person's face. 

Also, your eyebrows will dramatically change how your face looks. And falsies? They make ANYONE feel pretty.

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Like Ina, here.

More pictures from Ina! 

See the full gallery on Posterous With behind the scenes pa!
See the full gallery on Posterous

I also did a couple of natural faces that day. It is difficult! It really feels like a balancing act. And you have to show your skillz especially with the eyebrows (and pretty much everything else.) I thought I was pretty great with the smoky eye since I love doing it on myself but I had a lot to learn. Most importantly being, start with your lightest color first. It gives you so much more control over everything else. It really sounds like a no-brainer, because it just makes so much sense. Hahaha! Shows what I knew.

Oh if you were wondering the smoky eye was

  1. Highlight: MUD eyeshadow in Ice (white shimmer with blue glow—I'm not kidding about the glow.) Fabulous fabulous discovery.
  2. Midtone: Urban Decay eyeshadow in Flash (the old fave!)
  3. Deep: MUD eyeshadow in Onyx

For the eyebrow we used Charm eyebrow pencil and MUD eyeshadows in Taupe (!!!) and Espresso applied wet. I am just obsessed with eyebrows now. The weeks I was at school (the 5 days had to be distributed into two weeks because of the rain, the Incubus concert and other scheduling issues) I went to sleep dreaming of painting in eyebrows and eyeliner. Nuts, I tell you!!

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