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So You're Still Someone Who Thinks the Abortion Rights Movement is About Women's Health?

Posted on the 16 August 2013 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

Then don't be offended if I think you're a complete idiot:

In the wake of late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s homicide convictions this past May, several state legislatures began crafting laws that would protect unborn life at earlier stages of gestation while shutting down horror houses like Gosnell's Philadelphia “clinic.” Whether these laws will stand constitutional scrutiny remains to be seen; what is worth noting now is the degree to which deeply-entrenched supporters of the unrestricted abortion license created by the Supreme Court in 1973 still don’t get it—and still continue to muddle the public debate with their confusions.

Thus a June 28 editorial in The Washington Post deplored the fact that these proposed state statutes would “require abortion clinics to meet the same standards as surgery centers, like those in hospital wings.” Moreover, “doctors who perform abortions would have to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. . . . The case that such standards are needed to protect the health of abortion patients . . . is weak.”

Say what? In many states, abortuaries are not required to meet health and safety standards required of the local McDonald’s or Wendy’s. After testimony in the Gosnell case depicted a foul, cluttered, ghoulish “clinic” in which basic sanitary standards were massively violated, how can anyone reasonably suggest that the case for protecting women by enforcing proper sanitation and safety standards for surgical procedures is “weak”? How can anyone reasonably suggest that there is a “weak case” for requiring that those who perform those procedures have the minimal professional credentials of other surgeons and doctors? How can anyone plausibly and conscientiously claim to promote “women’s health” by resisting such regulations?

I realize that many will suggest you can't win an argument by impugning the intelligence of the other side.  I understand that some will say sugar attracts more flies than vinegar.

Screw all that crap.

Women and children are dying while those supporting the killing attempt to convince us they're compassionate and caring.

It's a complete crock of wicked garbage and if you're one who's buying the lies you ought to be ridiculed.

And while we're on the subject of buying into lies, here's one that's been fooling people for far too long:

This latest study has the dubious distinction of showing by far the strongest ABC link ever observed: Women in Bengladesh who had an abortion were found to have a 20-fold increased risk of developing breast cancer!

Why such a high relative risk? That’s because almost all women in Bengladesh get married and start WarOnWomenhaving children before they are 21, and breast-feed all their children as well. Consequently, breast cancer has been almost unheard of in Bengladesh, until recently. [1]

Even a very conservative estimate results in some deeply troubling numbers for the world’s most populous nations. If abortion doubles a woman’s breast cancer from say, 2% to 4% lifetime risk that would add 2% lifetime risk. There are over a billion women in India and China alone. Two percent of a billion is 20 million! With a mortality rate of 50% (It’s a lot higher in Asia than in the US), that makes 10 million women dying of breast cancer because they chose abortion!

Numbers like that are daunting enough to get the attention of top researchers at Harvard, who, 5 years ago in the flagship journal of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) acknowledged: “China is on the cusp of a breast cancer epidemic”. Of course they do not mention abortion. Instead they lament, “some risk factors associated with economic development are largely unavoidable” and call “for urgent incorporation of this disease in future healthcare infrastructure planning.” That mainly means mammograms and treatment facilities, not stopping the “virus” (denying the link between having an induced abortion and an increased risk of breast cancer) that spreads the “safe abortion” myth.

There are far too many women being impacted by too many myths about abortion.

It's time people started using the brain God gave them and recognizing these facts.

There is a war on women going on.  Only it's the side decrying this war who are most engaged in the killing.

Carry on.

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