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So I’m Now the Proud Owner of a Rucksack. Now There’s a s...

By Remielund @remsluxuryblog

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So I’m now the proud owner of a rucksack. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say. I know this fact is borderline alarming but before you think I’ve lost the plot, there is a genuine reason for this latest addition to my workout wardrobe. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’m dragging my ass back to Energise bootcamp next week and so I thought I’d write a little post about the things that make bootcamp life a breeze. A lot of people think I’m crazy for going to fitness bootcamps so I thought I’d share the many reasons why I choose to segregate myself for days at a time with only a kettlebell and a kick ass trainer for company. Bootcamp is hard. You have to get up early, speak to people that you’ve never met and EXERCISE! Did I mention there is no chocolate? Having the right equipment makes life easier so if you ever plan to tootle off to bootcamp, here are a few essentials that you’ll need.

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Trainers are an essential and you will need more than one pair. Blisters are the enemy and when you are exercising for over 8 hours a day you should not underestimate the joy that a comfy pair of trainers will bring. It’s handy to have a pair that you can wear for outdoor workouts and a pair that you only wear indoors. This ensures that if the weather is bad you always have a dry pair.  Nothing motivates me more to go to the gym than a shiny new piece of gym kit. It’s hard to feel good about working out if all you have to look forward to is a baggy black t-shirt and a pair of saggy jogging bottoms. Even if you don’t love the way you currently look, fitted tops and lycra bottoms can really help to flatter your curves. My basic gym wardrobe consists of black fitted vest tops and full length black gym leggings. I then add pops of color with a brightly coloured sports bra and neon accessories.

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Primani sports bra//Gym Bunny Boutique black leggings. 

That’s not to say that I don’t own any colourful pieces. These pink Zaggora hotpants are still one of my faves but they aren’t great when you want to blend into the background and avoid your trainer’s watchful eye.

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Zaggora Capri pants in pink (also available in black here)//Primani sports bra in black. 


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Details: Hey Jo Classic Portland leggings (on offer here and available in black at Net A Porter) //Primani Sports bras

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Details: Opti-women // Neon Pink Bobble Water Bottle (available here).

Rather than taking lots of bulky bottles in my bag, I usually opt for one supplement that provides everything I need in one bottle.

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You can’t beat a good water bottle. This one is a Bobble and not only does it filter your water, it’s the perfect size to take with you on a run.

My bootcamp beauty regime doesn’t differ much from when I’m at home but I do like to provide my skin with a little extra protection from the elements. These sun cream minis by Bakel are perfect to stash in a rucksack to protect your face from the sun on a long hike or a run. We go swimming everyday at bootcamp and the chlorine plays havoc with my hair. However, it’s nothing my trust Tangle Teezer can’t handle. It’s nice to reward your tired body at the end of a long day with a little luxury and I’m in love with this lemon and sage body butter by Bliss.

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Beauty Details: Bakel Suncare (available at Space NK) // The original orange Tangle Teezer (available at Boots)// Lemon and Sage Maximum Moisture Cream (available at Feel Unique).

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Beauty Details: Caudalie SOS Thirst quenching serum (available at Look Fantastic) // Broadway nails (available here at Boots)

My BFF bought me this serum for my birthday and it’s great for thirsty skin. Working out outdoors can leave skin feeling dry but this S.O.S thirst quenching serum from Caudalie works wonders.

Have you ever tried a fitness bootcamp?

So I’m now the proud owner of a rucksack. Now there’s a s...

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