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So Farewell Then, Mrs Gillard, Don't Think You'll Be Missed!

Posted on the 26 June 2013 by Davidduff

So, one of my many reasons for not living in Australia has exited stage left, or perhaps, has been 'written out of the script', is a better summary.  To be fair, I think Mrs. Gillard had some virtues.  Like my heroine, Mrs T., she had to fight her way up a greasy ladder crowded with men but she made it.  If the world of Westminster is male dominated then God knows how you describe the macho-male, testosterone-fueled hot-house that is Australian politics so, fair dos, or perhaps, fair dinkum, Mrs Gillard did well.

Unfortunately, the lady failed with me on three counts.  First, of course, she's a bloody socialist - need I say more?  Second, she's very, very pert!  I can't stand pert women.  I get this almost uncontrollable craving to punch them in the face - yes, yes, I know, shocking, shocking!  Finally, my dears, that voice!  She has an Aussie accent which I think she learned from a kangeroo.  Of course, she's Welsh, you know (taps side of nose and winks knowingly!) and perhaps she has spent her life trying to out-Aussie the mostly incomprehensible Aussies.  She succeeded but the collateral is that nobody in their right mind could listen to her for more than two minutes!

So, 'E' for Effort, Mrs Gillard, or 'F' for Fail - take your pick.


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