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Sneak Peak: Gluten-Free Banana Scented Cupcakes with Cooked Chocolate Frosting

By Dreenaburton @dreenaburton
Hey everyone!  So, I have another sneak peak from Let Them Eat Vegan for you.  These are my Banana-Scented Cupcakes with Cooked Chocolate Frosting.
Sneak Peak: Gluten-Free Banana Scented Cupcakes with Cooked Chocolate FrostingBoth cupcakes and frosting are gluten-free and soy-free (as long as you choose a soy-free milk).  And both are fantastically delicious!  The frosting is one of my new favorites.  Since it is based on a cooked technique, it has less sugar and fat than a buttercream frosting.  Just sweet enough and lusciously creamy!  Hannah made these look so pretty for me!  I love this photo, the background, the serving tray, the liners - everything.
And, I'm counting on the fact that this gorgeous photo will bring you back for a second look.  You see, our lives are so ridiculously busy right now that I'm trying to buy some time with you before my next post.  Haha!
I'll explain soon, but for now, take my word.  I'm frenzied.  If you see me running around town looking like I'm on some frenetic mission, well I am.  Trying to accomplish many tasks before December, including preparing for Christmas.  So, bear with me if my posts are a little sporadic in the coming weeks.  Just come back and look at the cupcakes already!  They're pretty enough for seconds, or thirds, right?!
(p.s. Mindy, are you out there?  I have no way of contacting you, and haven't heard from you about the Nasoya giveaway.  If I don't hear from you by tomorrow, then I will need to choose another winner - sorry.)

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