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Snapchat Or Instagram Stories For Bloggers and Digital Influencers.

By Shegotherown @AddyGotHerOwn

Snapchat or Instagram Stories.png
If you haven't been living under a rock for the past month, you have noticed the new addition to your Instagram feed.
There has been a lot of questions as to what platform bloggers and influencer should pick.
Some already plead allegiance to Snapchat for it fun filters and geotags filters,while others are giving Instagram Stories a chance.
So if you have been torn and still considering what your next action should be? Then you need to watch the latest video on my channel.
I have been asked tons of questions and I am freely giving my insights from my experience as a social media manager for various brands, and numbers of meetings with Facebook and Instagram staffs for my day job as an activist for them.
So you can call this video an early Christmas gift from me to you or a generous gift.

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