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Smart Girls Shop Around to Save on Their Travel

By Smartgirltravel @SmartGirlTravel

When it comes to travelling, there seems to be an occasional double standard about how people shop. When people go shopping in town, getting the best deal and finding the right bargains is something that comes naturally and isn’t questioned. Yet, this isn’t always the case when it comes to traveling.

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Fortunately, if you make the most of what is available online, this isn’t a problem. From accommodation and spending to car hire excess insurance, virtually everything can be cut down if you just take a few moments to shop around.

Cutting on Accommodation

Accommodation is a prime example of something you don’t always need. If you’re taking a city break, do you need to pay for on-site bars and facilities you can find elsewhere (maybe cheaper) close by? Likewise, paying for an outdoor pool might not be much use in winter. Look online and shop around, there may always be cheaper alternatives.

Car Hire and Travel

Next to accommodation, the other biggest cost for any travel is the actual traveling costs involved. You have to get somewhere. Car hire is a cheap and practical method, especially for individuals or small groups, but many are put off by insurance.

Again, shopping around has its benefits. Insurance is a competitive market, and you’re interest as a customer is in demand. Comparing the market online will find the right deal; whether it’s cutting the bottom line, investing in better excess or getting the right costs for the duration of your trip.

Spending Money

Of course, all these costs save you money, and spending money is the one area where it’s very easy to counter argue this. If you’re looking to cut costs down, don’t get into the frame of mind when it comes to thinking of this cash as excess.

Money saved isn’t actually saved if you spend it on your travels. If this is what you wanted to cut costs down for, this is great, but if it’s not, self-restraint and some simple budgeting can keep costs down when you’re out traveling.

Again, shopping around is key. When eating out or doing anything, it’s a matter of not going to the first place you see. Look around; ask locals for advice on the cheapest or more money-efficient places to go. If you’re eating out on a daily basis, for instance, this is something that can save some serious money. After all, smart girls know the benefits of finding the right offers and costs when travelling.

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