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Slow Cooker Appalachian Soup Beans

By Sue Lau @zzazzazza

Appalachian soup beans, an American staple from the Eastern US mountains- are made with simple seasonings, fatback, and sometimes ham in the slow cooker.
Slow Cooker Appalachian Soup Beans

Appalachian Soup Beans

By Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime

The raffle in this post is sponsored by #NationalSlowCookerMonth and by associated product sponsors (Banza, Camellia, Rhodes Bake & Serve). As well, I received product for use in developing this recipe. All recipe content and opinions are my own.

Appalachian Soup Beans (slow-cooker) is my recipe of the day with #NationalSlowCooker Month. Each day this week there will be postings from associated bloggers, including myself.

Most of these recipes will demonstrate the use of sponsor product, which we received, free of charge.

Today, my recipe was developed using beans I received from Camellia brand.

Slow Cooker Appalachian Soup Beans

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Appalachian Soup Beans

Slow Cooker Appalachian Soup Beans#NationalSlowCooker Month

Tuesday's Slow Cooker Recipes

Without a doubt, Appalachian Soup Beans is sort of a tricky title, since they really are not a soup, per se.

In the American Appalachian region which extend along the eastern mountain ranges from southern New York to northern Georgia and west from central Ohio and Eastern Kentucky across the mountains descending into low country (basically- as this is simply put)

This is absolutely a traditional day to day subsistence fare of the common people.

What are Appalachian Soup Beans?

The soup beans consist of minimally seasoned pinto beans which are served with chow chow (cabbage relish) and corn bread on the side. It is not always served with meat such as ham, since hard times can mean doing without. If you can afford it, ham makes a tasty addition.

What is Fatback?

Appalachian soup beans have a seasoning of fatback, which is a thick piece of pork fat that comes from up on the back instead of pork belly. You may see some recipes using bacon or salt pork. While you can get away with it, it is not how it is commonly done.

Obviously, the fat cooks down somewhat into the beans and while there may be a little bit left, I discard that before serving.

Slow Cooker Appalachian Soup Beans

Chow Chow on Top

Not surprisingly, chow chow is very southern and something country women would put up from their gardens where they grew cabbage. My own grandmother enjoyed putting up chow chow every year, not just in Appalachia, but across the south and west towards Texas.

It does look slightly different in areas, with the chow chow around Pennsylvania having a chunkier look than what I find further south. It doesn't really matter which type you have, except deciding on mild or spicy.

And Cornbread as a Side

As corn bread is a matter of personal preferences, it can be a thing of fighting words. I am kind of middle ground-

I like sweeter cornbread to go with things like baked chicken. For soup beans and things of this nature, I demand the corn bread not be of the sweet type. Yet I was raised to crumble it right into what liquid was there with the beans, to soak that up. And sweet cornbread, which tasty by itself, would just be gross tasting here.

Meal in One for Simple Folk

The beans are really going to be a meal in a bowl. And if you want something with it, I might suggest some greens on the side if you want to feel you are eating healthy.

But the coal mining families of Appalachia often do not have the luxury of eating healthy, and just want a meal on the table. And beans are hearty enough to hold you until next time.

It's Po' Folk food, but tasty and from the heart.

Appalachian Soup Beans

Slow Cooker Appalachian Soup Beans

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Slow Cooker Appalachian Soup Beans Slow Cooker Appalachian Soup Beans

This is often served with rice or on toast points as well, We have a naughty name for it when it is made with beef mince or dried beef either way.

Slow Cooker Appalachian Soup Beans

Slow Cooker Appalachian Soup Beans

Slow Cooker Appalachian Soup Beans

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Appalachian Soup Beans

Slow Cooker Appalachian Soup Beans

Appalachian Soup Beans

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