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Skye Theatre Named by Yankee Magazine as the "Best, Hidden Performing Arts Center in New England"

Posted on the 24 April 2012 by Notlobmusic @notlobmusic
The greater Boston area is full of music listening room choices, with many more further afield. It is nice when one of the best (based on consistent genre/artist presentation) gets well-deserved recognition by a major travel magazine.Phil McIntyre's work does not end with the Skye, he tirelessly facilitates the "block booking" Celtic artists he presents at Skye with kindred Maine and other New England venues. If you are involved in listening room operations, or a patron, or house concert host, consider bringing one of his Celtic artists to your own venue.From Phil:
Skye Theatre Performing Arts Center has just been named by Yankee Magazine as the Best, Hidden Performing Arts Center in New England. The announcement will be made on May 1. Maybe this will take us from being the best kept scecret to the least kept scecret in New England. Thank you Yakee Magazine. We don't mind being out of the way, more people are finding us every week..

Skye Theater upcoming shows"
Tuesday, April 247:30pm
April Verch @ UCCPA in Unity, Me 7:30pm $15.00Wednesday, April 257:00pm
April Verch @ Skye Theatre 7:00 pm. $15.00Sunday, April 297:00pm
April Verch @ The Plantation in Lebanon, NH 7:00pm $20.007:00pm
Gordie MacKeeman @ Calais Celtic Series, K of C Hall pm $15Monday, April 307:00pm
April Verch @ The Tillotson Center in Colebrook, NH 7pm $15.007:00pm
Boreal Tordu @ Skye Theatre 7pm $15.007:00pm
Gordie MacKeeman @ 430 Bayside in Ellsworth, Me 7:00pm $20Tuesday, May 17:00pm
Gordie MacKeeman @ The Franco Center 7:00pm $15.00Wednesday, May 27:00pm
Gordie MacKeeman & His Rhythm Boys @ Skye Theatre 7:00 $15.00Thursday, May 37:30pm
Gordie MacKeeman @ UCCPA 7:30 pm $15.00Friday, May 47:00pm
Gordie MacKeeman @ Nordica Auditorium 7:00 pm $15.00Sunday, May 67:00pm
Olympic Symphonium @ Skye Theatre 7pm $15.00WhenSun, May 6, 7pm – 9pmWhere2 Highland Drive South Carthage, Me 04224 (map)DescriptionCrafting delicately arranged folk-pop that drips with bittersweet melodies, soaring harmonies, and an awful lot of passion, The Olympic Symphonium have been sharing their quiet world with us since 2005. They are and always have been a collaborative effort between three multi-instrumentalists, songwriters, and friends: Nick Cobham, Kyle Cunjak, and Graeme Walker. After piecing together each of their first two albums from sporadic recording sessions stretched out over many months, The Olympic Symphonium have opted this time for a change of pace. A much quicker pace. The band locked themselves away in a large, empty, secret location in Fredericton, free of distractions, with longtime engineer Brad Perry and gave themselves a week to record an album. With the clock ticking away, the band went to work. Sketches of songs were prepared beforehand and then developed in the studio with all members being on hand at all times; a new experience for the Olympic Symphonium and one they feel has created a cohesive feeling for their third full length album. Office and Reservations: 207-562-4445 Web page: http://www.nece​​​​​​​​​​​ Pre-show jam session starts at 6:00 more details»  copy to my calendarTuesday, May 87:00pm
North Sea Gas @ Phillips Community Hall 7:00 pm $15.00Wednesday, May 97:00pm
North Sea Gas @ Skye Theatre 7:00 pm. $15.00Thursday, May 107:30pm
North Sea Gas @ UCCPA in Unity 7:30 pm $15.00Sunday, May 137:00pm
Mason Strunk & Friends @ Skye Theatre 7:00 pm $15.008:00pm
Silas Rogers & Friends at Skye Theatre 8:00pm $15.00Monday, May 147:00pm
Raz de Maree @ St Kieran in Berlin, NH. 7:00 pm $15.00Tuesday, May 157:00pm
Raz de Maree @ Tillotson Center in Colbrook NH. 7:00 $15.00Wednesday, May 167:00pm
Raz de Maree @ Skye Theatre 7:00 pm. $15.00Thursday, May 177:00pm
Raz de Maree @ UCCPA in Unity Me. 7:30 pm $15.00Sunday, May 207:00pm
Ennis @ Calais Celtic Series in Calais, Me 7:00pm $15.007:00pm
Kathleen Gorey-McSorley @ Skye Theatre 7:00 pm $15.00Monday, May 217:00pm
Ennis @ 430 Bayside in Ellsworth, Me. 7:00pm $15.00Tuesday, May 227:00pm
Ennis @ The Franco Amer. Heritage Center in Lewiston, Me 7pm $15Wednesday, May 237:00pm
Ennis @ Skye Theatre 7:00 pm. $15.00Thursday, May 247:00pm
Ennis @ UCCPA in Unity, Me 7:00 pm $15.00Monday, May 287:00pm
The Forge @ GNWCA in Colebrook, NH. 7:00 $12.00Tuesday, May 297:00pm
The Forge @ Phillips Community Center 7:00pm $15.00Wednesday, May 307:00pm
The Forge @ Skye Theatre 7pm $15.00Showing events until 5/31. Look for more

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