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Skincare Villa Products and Skincare Kit

By Skincarevilla
Finally I have got some time to talk about my venture Skincare Villa products. It's like the tailor who doesn't get time to stitch his/her own clothes 😂😂.
I was (and am still) skeptical about how far this will really go. Real motivation came from my favorite blogger Swathi who blogs at Curious and Confused Me when she ordered the Oats Almond Cleanser.
Few of you might be knowing that I have an Instagram account where you can get to see the Shop updates. I really don't want to mess up the blog and venture thing into one and hence a separate account. I earlier had only two products, both being cleansers. Now I have around 7 products in the range, all being either cleansers or face pack in dry powder form. I don't want to add any preservatives hence the dry form.

Skincare Villa Products and Skincare Kit

Rose Turmeric Cleanser

Skincare Villa Products and Skincare Kit

Oats Almond Cleanser

Ever since I used the JivaVrksa face wash in dry powdered form, my skin has seen fewer breakouts and almost after 2 and half months later now (roughly) I am totally loving the change with zero breakouts. So Skincare Villa products is my attempt to introduce dry powder face cleansers to masses.
Following is the current product range I have along with the price
Anti acne Face Pack
Fortified with Neem, Tulsi and Tea tree essential oil with Rhassoul Clay and Bentonite clay. Priced at 250 INR 30 gms
Ayurvedic Face Pack
Fortified with Manjistha, Raktachandan, Turmeric and Lodhra
 Priced at 200 INR 30 gms
Green Tea Detox Face pack
Fortified with Green tea, Charcoal and Rhassoul Clay and other ingredients.
 Priced at 250 INR for 30 gms
Oats Almond Cleanser
Oats and Almond powder fortified with Rose petals and Grapeseed oil
 Priced at 275 INR 50 gms
Rose Turmeric Cleanser
Fortified with Rose petals powder and Turmeric with Besan.
 250 INR 50 gms
Green tea mint cleanser
Green tea and Mint powder cleanser
Priced at 250 for 50 gms
Anti Acne Cleanser
Multani Mitti fortified with Neem and tea tree essential oil and Amla powder.
Priced at 325 INR for 50 gms
Detail ingredients list can be requested. Payment methods accepted are Paytm and NEFT.
Also the purpose of writing this blog post is that I am introducing Skincare kits which can be a good option to see whether a product works for you or not. Skincare kits are open for preorders till 27  May. You will have a minimum of 3 samples of your choice in the kit. You can even opt for more flexible thing like having 3 samples and one full size, 4 samples or 3 samples and 2 full size products in the kit. The product choice is entirely yours.
Details are mentioned below for your convenience
  • 3 samples - 700 INR + Shipping charges
  • 4 samples - 850 INR + Shipping charges
  • 3 samples + one full size - 900 INR + Shipping charges
  • 3 samples + 2 full size - 1125 with free shipping

Please note full size product means 50 gms and sample size means 25 gms. Face packs can be requested as full size products in the kits. Also you can receive the small kit in red or pink packaging. All other kits can be received in silver packaging. I procure this from another seller so the limitations. Still you can choose red or pink packaging according to your choice for small kits.
Skincare Villa Products and Skincare Kit

Skincare kits also available in these silver boxes. Pick your box soon as per orders close on 27th May. . 💕 DM to know more 💕 Background : @switch_swing #facecare #facetime #skincare #noparabens #nochemicals #chemicalfree #Skincareindia #naturalproducts #naturalskincare #natural #herbal #gogreen #beautytip  #skincareblogger #bblogger

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That's all folks. If you need any details or what to order just DM me on Instagram or email on

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