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Size 16 and Proud – Why I Think More Women Should Embrace Their Curves

By Tempestra @tempestra1

I’m so glad that Claire Richards from Steps has finally decided to accept her weight, and I really hope she isn’t just saying that as a prelude to another dramatic diet. So many stars have proclaimed to be happy with their bodies, only to go on crash diets immediately after seeing themselves in print, it seems. Size 16 and proud – why I think more women should embrace their curvesNatalie Cassidy’s done it a few times. And as soon as they show off their brand new super-toned bodies, they yo-yo straight back to their original weight.

The truth is that there are many, many women out there who are just naturally voluptuous. They can diet all they want but the weight will just pile back on the minute they turn their backs. It seems like such a struggle, and so pointless! Claire has said ‘I’m happy the way I am – I’m just me. If the likes of Diana Dors and Marilyn Monroe can be curvy but still sexy, I’ll happily have them as role models!’

She’s right, too. The sexiest women of all time are known for their curves, not for their colt-like limbs. It just goes to show that you don’t have to torment yourself in order to be sexy. Recently, quite a few stars have been embracing a healthier figure including the lovely Holly Vallance who looked fantastic on Strictly Come Dancing. It’s just one small step for womankind, and let’s hope it continues that way because personally I’d like to see far more women having the body confidence to strut their stuff in a sparkly leotard at size 16.

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