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Six Reasons Why If You Failed with a Blog, You’ll Suck at Content Marketing

By Waxgirl333 @waxgirl333

The new buzz about content marketing or “brand journalism” is really about the brand creating the content, rather than waiting for media to publish something about the brand. It falls in line with the increasing sense of urgency (also called impatience) of business owners to get their name out there fast. I don’t blame them – technology makes it possible so why not do it.

I do have a word of warning however. If you have tried and failed to maintain a blog, you will be even more hopeless with content marketing. Here are some of the reasons why most small businesses fail at producing content:

  1. You labor over each and every post.  Instead, realize that your content will be skimmed, not read, if it’s read at all. Remember you are trying to drive people back to your site where the real magic happens. Or think of it as part of your digital footprint. If someone is considering hiring you or buying your product, they want to see a healthy footprint but they may or may not read every article. This does NOT apply to reviews, of course.
  2. You use all your good ideas first.  Your first content will be ignored for the most part. Don’t worry about the huge splash you’re making on the internet with your first content. Keep it simple and build up a stream, THEN create the real compelling pieces.
  3. You refuse to curate content. One of the easiest ways to keep up a steady stream is to provide introductions and links to other credible content providers. Many small business owners don’t want to do that, afraid they’ll send business away. Linking out means good business. Just trust me and forget about writing all your own stuff.
  4. You don’t understand how to use keywords and phrases. Do me a favor, and learn a few keywords and phrases that people use to find your site. Then use those top 2-3 in your tags at all times and at least a couple times in your content. Search will increase tremendously,
  5. You think videos have to look professional. Do videos off your computer or film they by hand, sound smart and upload them (You might want to learn iMovie or something). We don’t care that much about how great they look. In fact, people often like the homemade ones better. Video helps search tremendously and people like to see who they’re doing business with!
  6. YOU BIT OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW. This is usually the biggest problem. People want to start huge and don’t realize how much time this takes. Start really small and build from there instead.
Content marketing, just like blogging, requires planning ahead. I found a great editorial calendar that should help you think about the topic and frequency of your content marketing. If you’re going to do it, fit it into your schedule so it works. Or you can hire me and I’ll get you going.



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