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Sir Linksworthy’s Journey to the Tower of Inbound Strategies

Posted on the 18 January 2013 by Infographixdirectory @infographixdir

To showcase their new cartoon range of SEO and link-building infographics, the content marketing team at “Quest for the Link” have created an old fashioned, ultra retro website that quite frankly looks like it was built way back in 1342 with Microsoft Paint.

The team’s first infographic entitled: “Journey to the Tower of Inbound Strategies” – has just been launched.

This is the first chapter in a colourful infographic series that has been designed to both educate and entertain. It reveals the obstacles that many webmasters have to face up to when embarking on a brand new SEO, link building or inbound marketing campaign.

So get ready to sharpen your sword if you want to face up to “Hodgebelly” the Ogre of Over-Optimization or “Duplicito”, the Dragon of Duplicate Content!

Quest For The Link Infographic


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Quest For The Link

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