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Sir Elton John – An Astrological Appraisal of the Original “Rocket Man”

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Sir Elton John – An Astrological appraisal of the original “Rocket Man”

Ok guys, it's a long time since I've done a celebrity astrological profile, so I thought it might be a change to do one for once. In the news at the moment here in the UK, Sir Elton John has been openly criticizing the UK government over the Brexit deal stuck with the European Union, as it means very restrictive and expensive visa schemes for any touring artist from the UK who wants to work or perform in Europe. For worldwide artists such as Sir Elton who have a full team who have to travel around with him on tour, these are impositions that he is vehemently fighting against.

Sir Elton John – An Astrological appraisal of the original “Rocket Man”

You will not be surprised fine then, that Sir Elton is a Sun Sign Aries, shooting from the hip and saying exactly what he thinks. Sir Elton was born Reginald Dwight in Pinner in England on 25th March 1947 at 2.00 am in the morning. His Sun sits in the third house of communication alongside Mars being in the the neighbouring sign of Pisces, which itself is square to Uranus sitting on his descendant at the point of a T-Square with his Sagittarian ascendant. This combination aimed at this third house is one of shameless self-promotion, it is flamboyant, unique, different, sexually expressive and experimental.

It is something Elton's father could never get his head around, being as he was, a military man who who spent a lot of his life in the Royal Air Force. You can see the lack of love that came from his father through the trine from the Aries Sun to Saturn Retrograde in the kingly sign of Leo. Remember, whenever you see Saturn retrograde, then you'll know that there was always an issue with the father when growing up. Saturn also makes a debilitating square to Elton's 4th house Taurean Moon, so you can fully understand how emotionally restrictive the growing up process at home was, and why he needed to break free and do his own thing. That Uranus opposed to his free and easy Sagittarian Ascendant was not going to be denied, and the outlet came through public performance, as seen by a separate trine from Uranus up to a Libra Midheaven.

There is much musical talent that flows through this chart, and the most lofty planet is Neptune in Libra in his 9th house conjunct to Elton's Midheaven. Here is a love of music, beauty, culture, diversity, travel, ideas and endless dreaming of far off distant places. You'll also notice that Neptune is part of a Yod pattern, sextile to Pluto in the 8th house and both these planets make inconjunct aspects to the planet of communication Mercury in the idealistic sign of Pisces. Mercury sits next to Mars and so there is motivation to speak out (you have seen that in full view in the last couple of days) and of course to sing, something that comes from deep inside. Here is a great imagination which is acted upon, and with Mercury ruling his 6th house of everyday work and 9th house of international travel and cultural expansion, you could see that an international singing career would be one that he would fall into quite nicely.

Sir Elton John – An Astrological appraisal of the original “Rocket Man”

Even though he was extremely talented and very expressive, Elton's success would never have come without a relationship, one that started in 1967. That was the moment when Elton and Bernie Taupin came together and shared a flat, and started to write music together. Bernie, a Gemini born on 22nd May 1950 was the quiet genius and lyricist, who helped Elton create hit after hit after hit.

On Elton's chart, his chart ruling Jupiter sits retrograde in his 11th house of friends and cooperation, square to Venus in Aquarius. The planet of relationships is rather cool in this sign, it is not as emotional as you might think, and yet there is an electric star quality to anybody who has Venus in Aquarius. These people like unique and different relationships, and ones where they can have plenty of space to do their own thing. That relationship between the quiet friend Bernie, and the expressive Elton worked like a dream, and because Jupiter is retrograde, and because Bernie stayed in background (retrograde planets do work inwardly not outwardly), you can imagine that there was was a nice balance between the two. Looking at the synastry between both, that's exactly the case.

There are three major oppositions between Elton and Bernie's charts. Firstly you can see Bernie's very creative and imaginative Sun Neptune opposition sitting over Elton's chart ruling Jupiter conjunction to his Nodal axis. Secondly, Bernie's nodal axis conjuncts with Elton oh so important Mercury in Pisces, the way and manner that he communicated and sang. Thirdly, Burnie's Uranus opposes Elton's Sun, so the talent and unique abilities that Bernie had in song writing were expressed through Elton's performance. See how important the nodal axis connections are? If ever you find yourself in an important relationship, then chances are that you have a nodal connection with the other person.

And one other thing before I finish. Probably the most famous and iconic song that Bernie and Elton wrote was "Rocket Man", which also became the title of the biopic film of Elton's life that was made very recently. How more appropriate can you get for a pioneering Aries individual, whose Ascendant is square to Mars, whose Ascendant is in the exploring sign of Sagittarius opposed to the planet representing space and the universe, Uranus?

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