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Single Shot Of Black Coffee And Good Advice With Mother Mars

Posted on the 23 December 2015 by Ripplemusic
Single Shot Of Black Coffee And Good Advice  With Mother Mars
Mother Mars is one hot spaced out milf of a rock outfit. Coming off a previous single Claimed By the Clonerfeatured on a 7" split vinyl release via Desert Highways with The Grand Astoria earlier this year and in preparation for their next full length Mother Mars keep their clock wound with a brand new EP single. Black Coffee and Good Advice bucks out of the gate with a harmonica infused blues laced rocker paying homage to Thin Lizzy while preaching the gospel of Five Horse Johnson. Southern fried atmosphere permeates with a boot n scoot attitude tripped with THC instead of cream or sugar keeping their brew of fuzz rock hot and black like Momma likes it. Mother Mars don't give bad advice son. Strap up and ride the jam like a brahma bull on acid chasing a rodeo clown made of clouds.
On the Trail (Short Trip) is jacked with electro space addled riffs hungry on the trail of Uncle asteroid pulsing with rumbling bass, jammy guitar tone and psychedelics sure to have you seeing stars. About a minute and a half in a pummeling wheel of riffage spins an orbit of psychotic fury with sweeping force driven by heart clogging bass. The momentum builds each and every second of the 5:24 exhibition taking the checkered flag with confidence and style.
Closing down the single is an aptly titled version of the opening number titled, Black Coffee And No Advice. Instrumentally charged and equally as potent, the band brews a bold aroma of riffs and howling harmonica to invigorate the mind organically rather than the caffeinated vocal attack of the opening version.
Either way you sip this short burst of tantalizing stoner jams, you're bound to swallow with a smile. Mother Mars keep it weird as they've demonstrated all along; promising for another enticing full length which I hope comes sooner rather than later. Check her out, cougar of the planetary guild.
-The Huntsman

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