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Singing the Praises of Aquaphor for Tattoos! And Random Tattoo Related Drivel.

By Oppositeofnormal @oppositeonormal
I have 8 tattoos. I love all but 2 of them. The 2 I don't love are the ones I had done when I was 18 and were just done because I could get them done. I am currently working on cover up ideas for those, but I digress....
I recently had a wrist tattoo done along with a touch up on my arm this spring, and the tattoo artist recommended Aquaphor. I was still somewhat old school with this and was happy with my A&D Ointment that I had been using on every tattoo for almost 20 years. BUT, I figured I would give it a shot. I mean, in the past 20 years we have had the advent of the internet, cell phones that do damn near everything imaginable for an electronic device!
I am so glad I listened to him! This was the first time I have had healing with virtually no scabbing and peeling! Almost none! No itching, no cracking!
So, last Monday I went and got a somewhat large piece of script done on my side (10"x6" ish), and this guy suggested I use lotion only. I asked him about the Aquaphor and he said no, lotion only. Well, I ignored him. And I am damn glad I did. This tattoo is healing superbly! I only have to apply the Aquaphor twice a day after a wash with Ivory, and seriously no problems. No burning, no itching, no peeling.
Maybe Aquaphor should kick me down some cash for advertising, haha!

This stuff is like liquid gold when it comes to healing your ink.
If you want to save a few bucks, the Walgreen's version is just as good!

Now that I am done touting the awesome that is Aquaphor for tattoo healing I will just disintegrate into random ponderings on tattoos....
So, I got a largish side piece on my ribs (script in Italian) a few days ago. I truly enjoyed getting it. I have heard that tattoos on the side are the hardest, but honestly it was the easiest tattoo I have had done. A lot of tattooed people will say that getting a tattoo is a healing process. For me this one was. The pain of the needle piercing my flesh hurt so much less than the reason why I was getting it done that it was very therapeutic. A lot of tattoo artists look at me when I walk in like "Oh, this one is going to be a wuss." because I come across as somewhat preppy (from what I am told), and 9 times out of 10 they are shocked that I took it like such a trooper. Seriously, that gun starts and I am in the zone, I am in my happy place. This guy actually stopped and shook me to ask if I was okay because I closed my eyes and was in complete bliss, smiling. I almost fell asleep when he started on the area closest to my back.
For those of you that haven't been tattooed yet (I highly recommend it!), the best way I can describe it is that it feels like someone is drawing on your skin with a dull razor. If anyone else has another way to describe it, please comment! That is always the way I have been able to articulate the feeling of it in words.
Obviously everyone has a different threshold for pain. Mine actually happens to be high so it is a pleasant experience for me. I dumped (on accident!) a flaming pan of boiling oil down both of my legs as a teenager, and have given birth twice as well as being a bit of a tomboy as a child so I have seen my fair share of pain. And, let me tell you, I would rather give birth 10 times that go through the burns that I received from that flaming vegetable oil, seriously.
As for me an my tattoos, I seem to have started averaging 2 a year. Now that I am single again, and have a whole NEW perspective on my life (living for me not someone else -- who woulda thunk it would take me 36 years to figure out that little gem!) I plan on getting a sleeve done. Now, the planning starts! It has to be something I am truly passionate about and even if I don't figure it out until I am 80 I am okay with that. I own a small business which should make client meetings interesting with a sleeve.
But, there has been a shift in tattoo acceptance, and now so many people have them that honestly most people I know or have met overlook them. I was working for a caterer here in AZ and we went to a tasting at a clients home. A beautiful girl answered the door wearing a hoodie (mind you it was 110 degrees outside). I was curious but just figured maybe she gets cold easy?? *weird expression, scratching my head*. She noticed I had a few small tattoos on my arms, and she said "Okay, I feel comfortable now." and took off her hoodie to reveal full sleeves on both arms of some of the most beautiful and well colored/shaded artwork I have ever seen! She looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day in her sleeveless gown, and the cake topper bride was custom made to have full tattoo sleeves on her arm. Awesome!
Please comment below if you would like, I love to talk about tattoos!

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