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Sinead O'Connor Converts to Islam – an Astrological Study of a Most Fascinating Individual.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Sinead O'Connor converts to Islam – an astrological study of a most fascinating individual.

This is an interesting case study in looking why someone would change their mode of belief, and what aspects are at work in her chart to encourage it. Sinead is a Sun Sagittarius, born on 8th December 1966 in Dublin, Ireland indeed she is a double Sagittarian with her Ascendant in that sign too. Her Moon is in the sign of balance and indecision, Libra.

Sinead O'Connor converts to Islam – an astrological study of a most fascinating individual.

Her natal chart shows a very pronounced t-square. This formation is made up of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo of the 1960's opposed to Saturn in Pisces in a very tense opposition across the 9th house/3rd house axis, the axis of thinking and communication (3rd house) and belief and knowledge (9th house). This opposition indicates that she thinks very seriously about spiritual matters (Saturn in Pisces in 3rd) and yet she is liable to sudden transformations and changes in her belief structures (Pluto and Uranus in 9th). Saturn in Pisces sees the planet of rules and structure in an environment that encourages freedom of expression, and in breaking down those rules and structures, it tends to make her liable to do things in her way not respecting right and wrong. Mars in the early degrees of Libra is also part of this picture being widely conjunct to Uranus and Pluto, forming a sextile to her 8th house Jupiter, giving her a rather impulsive and controversial attitude. Mars in Libra is quite an incendiary position, and the links to Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto only go to make her act in an off the cuff, reactionary and even self-destructive manner.

This Uranus/Pluto opposition focuses onto her natal Venus, the planet of values and her Sun, her primal energy both in her 1st house in the faith orientated sign of Sagittarius. The opposition also focuses too onto another set of planets through a less stressful wedge pattern, through trines and sextiles to Neptune, the planet of spirituality and sacrifice conjunct to Mercury, the planet of the mind in the hidden, psychological and solitary 12th house. Both these planets are in the deep and complex sign of Scorpio, and this indicates a penetrating powerful intellect that borders on complete obsession. At the very least, Sinead will be able to delve deeply into the underlying motivations of any subject that takes her fancy, and explore it to it's utmost degree in the search for the truth. That's what's she's doing in spiritual terms throughout her life. Neptune and Mercury in conjunction the house of suffering though leads to a preponderance for depression if things go awry in her life. The imagination because of this conjunction can go through the roof, and because she is a double Sagittarian, the one sigh that experiences the highs and lows of life in the most extreme ways possible, the potential for extremes mental conditions within her would have been very high from birth. As you may know if you are interested in her life, she has been previously diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, totally justifying the Astrology on her chart.

She is ultimately a musician, performer and singer, and that was always going to be the case. The top of her chart, her Midheaven is ruled by Venus, the planet of colour, art and creation and this planet also rules her 5th house (Taurus on the cusp); indeed Taurus also cuts across the cusp of her 6th house too of work and routine. With Neptune and Mercury in conjunction, her mind will be very imaginative and therefore attuned to music and the creative arts. I would imagine with a 12th house conjunction that it truly touches her inner soul, and the emotion and spirituality inside her will colour how she sings and performs. Saturn in a trine to these planets only reinforced any ambition to follow a musical career, and to top all this off, her point of destiny lies in her 5th house of creation showing a need to show off her individuality. She was in a band to start off with, but soon became a solo artist in line with this 5th house North Node. This house is also the house of children, and Sinead has been vocal in bringing to the fore the subject of child abuse.

Beyond everything though in the chaotic and rather controversial life that Sinead has lived, there is beyond doubt a need for peace and harmony in her life that she will always seek. That Moon in Libra that craves a serene existence is sextile to Venus and square to the planet of religion Jupiter, and because of her changeable nature seen elsewhere in her chart, she will continue the search for peace and contentment in those areas of her life that these aspects affect. They are in her work where the Moon sits, in her relationships (Venus) and in her faith (Jupiter). All of these have seen her chop and change her mind constantly. She has been married no less than 4 times, her musical career has had many peaks and troughs with her being active one minute and then literally walking away from music the next, and now her beliefs have completely changed. From castigating the Catholic Church for the hidden abuse that some of its members have pushed under the carpet, to becoming an ordained priest herself, and now changing her religion to Islam. Sinead is a wanderer, and someone who is looking for the ideal (Mercury/Neptune), who suffers for the cause and fights against injustice as she sees it to be.

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