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Signs You’re Not Taking Care Of Yourself

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

You could feel like you’re on top of the world every single day, but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be the healthiest that you can be. There are plenty of signs that you’re not taking care of yourself enough. There is a lot of nobility placed on burning out, but really it’s not anything noble if you’re going to feel awful half the time, right? You should be doing what you can to look after yourself, and a part of that is recognizing that you aren’t doing enough for yourself.

You need to make your health a priority and a part of that is saying no to others and yes to you. Even if you live a healthy life, it might not be enough to actually be taking care of you. You have to know that you are putting yourself first, and by learning from Dr. Hanid Audish and understanding more about yourself, you can finally take care of yourself. With this in mind, here are the signs you’re just not taking good enough care of yourself.

Signs You’re Not Taking Care Of Yourself

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  1. You’re dealing with brain fog. While it’s not a diagnosable thing, brain fog is still real to those who experience it. If you are dealing with feeling spaced out when you are not rested enough you might call this brain fog. You can’t think straight, act straight or manage your body enough to feel as if you are getting somewhere. There are blood tests that you can take to know what’s going on with your hormones, but brain fog can be discussed with your doctors, too.
  2. You’re not sleeping. You get to bed and you lie down, but you can’t just drift off and get to sleep. When you can’t sleep, you’re going to end up feeling less able to concentrate, less able to function and find life harder during the day. 
  3. You’re stressed out. It doesn’t matter what it is in life that’s making you feel the tension, but when you’re stressed out you’re less likely to shower, dress, bother with your appearance or remember to eat well. Stress has a range of effects on the body and you want to make sure that you start to take care of yourself. If you’re feeling that level of stress, then you are not looking after your body.
  4. Your muscles are twitching. Your body needs as many nutrients as possible, and when you’re not getting them, you’re going to end up with muscles twitching in your eyes and your legs. When you’re not getting enough of the good stuff, you’re going to feel it in your body.
  5. You deal with dry skin. When you’re not looking after yourself properly, you’re going to end up without the right nutrients in your body as we mentioned earlier. This means your skin is drier, your eyes are sore and you are feeling it within yourself.

Remember, you have to take care of yourself if you want to feel good on the inside and the outside!

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Signs You’re Not Taking Care Of Yourself

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