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Shrikhand Recipe for Babies and Kids – Gudi Padwa Special

By Sangeetha
Gudi Padwa or Ugadi marks the beginning of the New Year. To celebrate this occasion I present to you the fruity Shrikhand recipe for babies and kids.shrikhand recipeAs per Hindu mythology the universe was created and time began to tick from this day onwards. The festival is celebrated as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, Ugadi in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.Traditionally we are supposed to begin the day with neem leaves and jaggery. They are supposed to cleanse the blood and support immune system. It also marks that life has sorrows as well as happiness.Here I am sharing the traditional recipe for Shrikhand with a little twist. Shrikhand has a semi soft texture and tastes sweetish sour. It is a whole milk product prepared from  curd. The curd or dahi is partially strained through a cloth to remove the whey and thus produce a solid mass called chakka or hung curd. This (chakka) hung curd is mixed with the required amount of sugar, nuts, cardamom and fruits to yield shrikhand.One can also use Greek yogurt (in place of hung curd) to make the shrikhand. I sold the shrikhand as ‘curd ka ice cream’ to my son Health benefits of shrikhand for babies and kids:Shrikhand is a yummy dessert and ensures a happy tummy. The base ingredient is curd which is associated with strengthening of immune system. Curd aids in digestion and is rich in essential nutrients like Vitamin C, A and D.One can also aid fruit of their choice to the shrikhand and serve to the little ones. This will further enhance the nutritional value.Shrikhand can be served for babies above 10 months. It can be given as breakfast and even as dessert after lunch or dinner.Shrikhand recipe for babies and kids – preparation method:Hung the curd for 4 to 6 hours until the entire water is drained from the curd. Add sugar and cardamom to the curd. Mix it well to get a smooth and creamy texture. Add fruits and nuts of your choice.You can refrigerate it or serve as it is. PrintShrikhand Recipe for Babies and Kids – Gudi Padwa Special Author: Neha C Recipe type: Dessert Prep time:  10 mins Cook time:  15 mins Total time:  25 mins Serves: 2 cups IngredientsCurd – 1 litreSugar (powdered) – 1 cupCardamom – 1 teaspoonPistachio (sliced) – 2 to 3 for decorationFruits (grapes, pomegranate pearls or diced mango) – as per your likingMuslin, cotton or cheese cloth for hanging the curdInstructionsMake the hung curd. Put the cloth over the strainer and pour the curd over the cloth.Tie the cloth and leave it hanging for 4 to 6 hours. We need to ensure that all the water is strained out of the curd. I made 1.5 cups of hung curd from 1 liter of curdTake the hung curd. Add sugar and cardamom powder to itMix it well so that the sugar is dissolved. It should become smooth and creamyAdd the fruits and nuts. Shrikhand is readyDecorate with fruits and nuts mixture of your choice. I have added pomegranate and grapesKeep it in refrigerator for few hours before serving3.2.2929  Serving options:Shrikhand goes well with puris, chapattis and even as it is.One can also try adding mango puree to it. The shrikhand will turn yellow in color and it is known as amrakhand.Shrikhand without the fruits can be refrigerated for upto a week. Suggest you to finish the same day if fruits are added.Do try this shrikhand recipe this Ugadi for your little one and family. Let us know how it turned out for you and how you celebrated Ugadi or Padwa .Kindly share this article in Facebook and Twitter. You can also the image in Pinterest.Remember sharing is caring.Happy Gudi Padwa/ Ugadi to all the readers!

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