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Shower Fixtures You Have to See to Believe!

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

When it comes to unique bathroom products, shower head designs are a modern marvel to behold. Designers in the industry are constantly pushing the limits of convention, creating stunning products that constantly redefine the look of the traditional shower. In the link below, you can see the latest shower head designs that are quite literally making waves in the world of bathroom fixtures. These forward thinking and highly unconventional designs incorporate the latest trends in bathroom technology and construction methods, such as 3D printing and precision laser cutting. The results speak for themselves.

One of the most interesting designs in the article is a rotating shower head panel that switches between a rainfall and waterfall function. When it folds down for the waterfall setting, it creates a sleek and minimalist appeal by resting flat against the wall. It’s as if the shower head disappears! The most attractive fixture shares a similar aesthetic by mounting directly to the ceiling. This creates a stylish appearance that is perfect for a modern bathroom. The growing popularity of chromatherapy is seen in these designs as well. Color changing lights help create a specific mood and add to the overall experience.

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