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Show Me Your Friends, and I’ll Tell You Who You Will Become…

By Finallygrowingup @mordechaikashuk

Show Me Your Friends, and I’ll Tell You Who You Will Become…

It has been my experience that, in general, people tend to be selfish and self-absorbed. It is a complicated world that we live in, and it is only getting more so.

People have their own problems and their own issues, so to a degree, this self-centered attitude is somewhat understandable.

However, my wife and I are good people, and we often go out of our way to help others in any way that we can. Therefore, there must be others out there that share the philosophy; “Be Kind to Your Fellow Man/Woman”.

Actually, I got an email this morning from just such a person.

You see my wife and I have a two-year old son. He goes to daycare, and at the time that he needs to be picked up, we must both still be at work to provide much-needed income for our family. We put an ad out on the local “message board” internet site here, looking for someone who would be able to pick up our son at 3:15 pm, bring him home, and stay with him until my wife returns home from work at roughly 5:00.

We have had trouble finding people, as the money we are offering, while  substantial for the number of hours required each month, is not enough fort someone to have their day cut in half, and have to forgo a full-time job for this one. I received an email this morning from someone, who shall of course remain nameless. This was her offer:

“  I had actually called you a few weeks ago to say I would be happy to watch him three days a week, but I understood when you said that this would not be acceptable.  Here’s the thing: although 1000 NIS shekels is certainly a significant amount of money for less than 40 hours of work a month, it’s not really a lot of money for a month’s work, and it’s hard to make a daily commitment that prevents you from doing other jobs, etc, for a standing obligation of two hours or less a day.  And even though I am here in Jerusalem for less than two months, I already have things going on in the afternoons…  Still, I genuinely feel for you and would like to help – I remember for example the problems my mother had finding a sitter for my sisters and me when we were little.  I know also these things are extremely hard when you don’t have family near.  What about this: I could
agree to watch your son all week on a temporary basis only.  Meaning, you really continue to look for someone permanent, and if something else comes up for me, I wouldn’t feel guilty about looking into it.”

This is a selfless and caring person.

Somehow she has thus far, in her life, avoided becoming concerned solely for herself and her own well-being.

It is my sincere hope that she will always stay this way.

To offer one’s self, one’s time, energy, care, compassion, and empathy; these are the donations that a truly selfless person makes.

Find people like this, get to know them, and become their friends if you can.

With friends like this, you will truly become a wonderful person!


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