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Should I Let My Young Daughter Choose Her Own Clothes And Wear Makeup?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 100124349 Should I Let My Young Daughter Choose Her Own Clothes And Wear Makeup?

I’m a mom of 2 girls and I got tons of emails and comments on my daughters photo on Facebook because apparently I was making her look ‘too old for her age’. She is 4, she has her own mind and is very independent.

When she needs new clothes I take her with more or we look online together. She chooses what she likes, if I think it’s suitable then she has it, if not she doesn’t  I don’t see the problem. If it wasn’t appropriate why make it for her size and age? Granted she is tall and wears 5-6 years but still not touching the boarder of going into teen clothes so I don’t see how they can be ‘inappropriate’ for her to wear.

She’s a lovely girl with an amazing sense of self-confidence. She will pose and pout in the mirror and for the camera. Not because I make her do it, because she wants too. Am I wrong for letting her? I don’t think so, I think it’s cute.

A friend brought her one of those dolls heads with makeup for her 3rd birthday, she loved it instantly. Sat doing the dolls hair and makeup most of the day. Then came the question ‘can I have makeup mummy’. I tried to say no at first but I got ‘you do’ and ‘why mummmmy’. I caved. I gave her some of my eye shadows, blusher and lip gloss that I didn’t really wear. She had a field day with it.

It didn’t last long though and she asked for some more, so went to our local Tesco and we were looking through the makeup together. Picking out a baby pink lip gloss  purple sparkly eye shadow and a bright red nail polish. The tuts and dirty looks I got, oh my goodness, I wanted to crawl into a corner and hide.

I didn’t see the problem when we went and still don’t but I hate confrontation. One women said I should be ashamed of myself and was a bad parent. My daughter looked at me and started to cry. I picked her up, makeup in hand, paid and ran out the store. What was I doing? Was a bad mom for letting her get this stuff?

My daughter didn’t play with her new makeup or her hair and makeup doll for a few days. When I asked her why she replied ‘the nasty ladies’. I was fuming. I told her it was fine and they were jealous cause they were ugly. Yes, OK so that probably wasn’t the best thing to tell a  3 year old but it cheered her up. Few hours later she was sat in front of the mirror like nothing had happened.

She’s now 4 and a half and still loves her pretty clothes, posing and makeup. She still chooses what she wears and still wears her makeup in the house. Now though I get her makeup for her or we order it online together so nobody can judge us and upset her.


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