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Short Story : A Girl Who Didn't Get a Chance

By Arjuunsahay
a mother kissing her child A short story of a girl who was never given a chance This is a story about a girl ‘Varsha’, a name chosen by her mother before her birth. Varsha had just opened her eyes for the first time in a small hospital and her cry echoes these hospital halls. Her father wanted a boy as he thinks this little girl will be another burden, another mouth to feed and want to dispose of her right away. Her mother tries to convince him but to no avail so she threatens to end her life too if any harm comes upon her newborn child. Seeing his wife's stubbornness, Varsha’s father accepts her as his daughter.

Varsha was a healthy child and never gave her mother any trouble. Even though she was born in a poor family, her mother did multiple jobs to give her the best food and clothing she could afford.

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