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Short Fiction Story: How A Magical Hot Water Bath Of Ms Xong Failed A Big Conspiracy by China Against India

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters
Everybody's eyes were tearful when it was Zack's last day in the office's Floor 3, almost 2 months back. He was not getting retired. There was no chance about that as he was just 38. He was getting promoted to Singapore - our regional Sales HQ. Zack was everyone's darling. Always refreshing, cheerful and smiling - as if he always had a fresh packet of energy to boost anyone who encounters him. And in place of Zack we had a new boss on our third floor - National Sales HQ - Ms. Xong, who had been transferred from China. Though she was performing very well there as far as her targets were concerned but it was disclosed as a confidential reason of her transfer for which everyone was just guessing.
The guess was over and it emerged out to be a conspiracy of China against India by sending Ms. Xong. It was evident that though the zonal and local offices in China were much higher as compared to those in India but as per sales - India was not too far from what our China HQ was achieving. That was the crux of the matter. It was Ms. Xong who was imposed in our National Sales HQ and her first target was to meet all prime customers - nation wide - within next 40 days. The moment we met Ms Xong, we got to know what will happen if she meets our prime customers - each one will vanish off, from our top customer's list - one by one - in the same sequence - she meets them.
Reason - just one - and a big one - which nobody could dare to tell her = "What's that smell, Boss?". It was difficult to explain what smell used to spread out of her body - but it was impossible, by all means. We were totally shocked on what will happen to our next quarter sales targets if Xong starts meeting our top customers. Probably nobody would bear it and it would definitely impact at least on 50% of our top customers switching over to some other competitors. It was so bad to bear her smell that whosoever was in the lift at the time she boards it, noses automatically start getting covered with a handkerchief and used to remain there even if she drops down at level 3. Others going till level 15 used to remain as that due to shock, after effect or what - nobody could work out.
And then one of us silently mailed this issue to Zack. A quick reply came from Zack with an intelligent idea. He shared his secret of having reborn everyday with Hot Waters from Racold and assured all of us that if we use his trick, and once Xong tastes it, she will never remain as what she is now. She will change forever.
Then it was Holi and also the day of our plan execution. We reached Xong's apartment with a new Racold Hot Water magical Geyser with us. And few had dry Holi colors. She welcomed all of us and when we told her that there is a gift for her from us - she was quite amused. Two guys went inside her luxurious bathroom and immediately changed the existing old geyser with the new one which was top among most advanced water heaters. After they tested it and gave us a green signal, we started playing holi with her as it was important for us to make her feel the change right there - as early as possible.
After we all finished, she asked us to sit in her drawing and went for a bath. And then there was that wonder that we were waiting for. She was the first to notice that change in her - her bad smell - which though never used to haunt her - but of which she was well aware of - had gone. She had discovered the magic. And so had us.
Just to brief, next 40 days - with everyday bath with the hot water from her new Geyser and meeting with our top customers - increased our sales tremendously and we outreached our projected target of crossing China's sales in next 24 months, got achieved in next 3 months...
That was a big victory of India over China and a big achievement of nullifying all conspiracies against us.

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