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Shopping List for Newborn Baby Products to Buy – What You Need to Stop Overbuying!

By Shwetashetye

As you guys might be knowing by now that I am a self-confessed shopaholic. ! I can shop at the drop of a hat. So becoming pregnant with my first baby was yet another chance for me to shop without a second thought. Why would I spare any expense when I am searching for newborn baby products to buy! I went through all those online baby sites (thank god, there were very few back then) and shopped left, right and center. My justification was- I'll be having a 2nd baby too, this stuff will be used again. I was pretty sure that my calculations were down pat and I was behaving all prudent. How those calculations fell flat in the later years made me feel totally otherwise.

Here I go- my first baby is a boy, second one a girl- so it was fine till I dressed her in my son's hand me down jhablas (vest) when all she did was feed, poop and sleep. But once she started looking like a human baby (they all look like monkeys initially) that too a baby girl, it was difficult to dress her in all those boyish vests and pyjamas. Nice frilly frocks made appearance on my new shopping list. Another spanner in my works was, they were born in different seasons. One in winters and the other one in peak humid summers. So his 1st winter clothes were of size zero while she needed a 6 months size when her first winter rolled in.

It is believed in some places that one should buy for the baby only after the baby is born healthy and all is well. However I feel that being organized goes a long way in those initial super busy days post baby's birth when you can't tell day from the night. Remember few things before you go buying stuff for your baby like do not buy in bulk. Infants grow up in a blink, and before you know it, the clothes will be small in size and still underused. Also keep in mind that you will get loads of gifts for the baby and most of them will be clothes for the new-born.
Here's a basic list of clothes that can sail you through your baby's infant days. By then, you will be able to gauge what you really need and what you can do without.


If you are opting for reusable cloth nappies, babies might need 10-12 changes in a day. Keeping around 30 at a time will be enough to handle all those crisis of frequent changings and if the nappies don't dry in time specially during rainy season. Make sure that the nappies you buy are made up of very soft cotton cloth which is super absorbent as well. Do not forget at least two packs of infant size diapers for those doctor visits and occasional outings.


A baby might require 5-8 changes a day depending upon milk spills while burping or a diaper/nappy leak. Keep a mix of short sleeves and full sleeves.

Rompers/Night suits

Two to three will be enough. I personally preferred those sleep suit rompers with booty attachments. They give complete protection from stray bugs and mosquitoes.


Two to three pairs. Make sure they are cotton. If you stay in chilly places, invest a bit more, maybe 7 for each day of the week, plus one for that occasional mess (sarcasm!)


Babies are born with pretty sharp nails and with those jerky hand movements, end up scratching themselves. Pure cotton mittens will take care of that. They also help in discouraging hand/thumb sucking.


One is enough for outings! Make sure its super cute! Seriously every mom buys it and no baby ever lets it stay, and we are still buying it!

''Going Out'' Outfits

These will be needed for occasional dressing up. 4 pairs will be enough.


A few bibs, wash cloths and burp clothes and you are set. Though you are set, I had a very drooly baby at hand and so I was glad to have a few more bibs at hand.

You can add few more things according to seasons. If your baby is born in winters, you might like to add:

Thermal wear

Three sets will be more than enough. I noticed that I needed more lowers and less of those thermal shirts.

Long sleeve vests

Make sure u make them wear cotton vests first before you put on the thermal ones. You will thank me later for saving your visit to the dermatologist.

Sweaters and cardigans

Invest in two for regular wear and one for outings.

Woolen Caps and Socks

Most of the sweaters come with a matching pair of woolen cap and booties. Make sure that you put a cotton cap and cotton socks before putting on the woolen ones. It will not only act as extra layer for warmth, but also protect the baby's soft skin from harsh touch of the wool.

If it's the rainy season, add few full sleeve cotton shirts to add layers to an outfit for those slightly chilly rainy nights.

These are the bare basics, which you can stock up before the baby's arrival. By a month's time, you will have a fair idea of what to buy more of and what your baby will not require. What was your approach when you went buying for the baby? Did you buy clothes before his/her arrival or after? Did you buy color specific clothes for your baby? Pink for girl and blue for a boy? Anything else that you would like to add to the above list? Please share in the comments section.

Shopping list for Newborn baby products to buy – What you need to stop overbuying!

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