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Shoplifters Leave Baby Behind After Fleeing Police

By Stizzard

A couple of shoplifters in Catalonia who were caught stealing in a bookshop in Badalona, just outside the Catalan capital of Barcelona, left their baby in a pram after legging it.

When the couple returned to get the baby back, they were arrested on the spot.

According to Police reports, the couple, who were shopping in Badalona, were caught putting items into their bags and slipping things into their clothing.

Realizing that they had been caught, the man and woman made a run for it leaving their baby in the book store. The owner of the shop called the local Catalan Police, the Mossos d’Esquadra, who came and took the baby away.

Incredibly, later on in the day, the man and woman returned to scene of the crime to find out what had happened to the baby in the pram. The Police were waiting for them however, and handcuffed them on the spot. They are now helping the Police in Badalona with their enquiries.


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