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SHOPAHOLIC: My Sister, the Fashionista

By Reeseatomic @reeseatomic
SHOPAHOLIC: My sister, the fashionista

My sister is pretty savvy when it comes to fashion. She insists that she’s not a fashionista, but I think most of the time she’s being modest. Whether it’s the latest nailpolish trends to in vogue hues, my sister is all all over it… like, yesterday.

I really admire my sister’s style. She knows how to perfectly match colours and patterns and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wear anything BLACK (which for me, is a staple color should I fail at finding something appropriate.)

So, lately I’ve based my entire wardrobe in accordance of what my sister wears. I recently went through a phases where I was obsessed with denim shorts. Bought three pairs of them, including a coloured pair. Til I saw a really cute pair of Witchery shorts on my sister, while I was dropping her off at Bondi Beach.
I drove home, jumped on my iPad, found the same pair and purchased it within seconds. Absolutely no regrets!

And if I’m not buying clothes my sister already owns, I’m asking her where I can buy certain items. I think my shopping GPS dropped out when I decided to detour from “trendy” to “comfort” fashion a few months ago.

So, what is next on my shopping list? Well, a new pair of Ziggy Denim jeans, cute sweaters with cute words on them, chucks and rustic handmade jewelry. All from the advice of my sister.

As for makeup, she was the one who started my obsession with watermelon shades on the lips (apparently pink – warm or cool toned – is just too harsh for my complexion.) She’s recently picked up some makeup goodies from Sephora during her recent trip to NYC and Canada. Can you say… BEST SISTER EVER?!

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