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Shop My Closet - The Mercadeo Street Market in Valencia

By Themowway @themowway  - Shop my closet A few weeks ago I set up a stand at The Mercadeo street market in Valencia. I wanted to get rid of some of my beloved items of clothing. It might sound silly but I do feel attached to many of my dresses, shoes and shirts! I have memories of almost all the items I own, first time I wore it, where I bought it, etc.  - Shop my closet
We were very lucky, the weather that day was pretty awesome. Just perfect! We were dreading it might rain! But on the day, there was not a cloud in the sky! :)  - Shop my closet
Having a stand there cost us 30EUR, which was not THAT expensive, but they did not do any advertising what so ever, just a few post on Facebook, which meant that there were not too many people coming to the market (they didn't even have a twitter account...!). Hopefully next time there is a bit more advertising, meaning we'll get more chances of sales!
Wish I had a bit more time. I'd love to organice a clothes-swap! Wouldn't that be great!  - Shop my closet
We got back in Valencia yesterday from spending 10 days visiting my family in England. It's been great! This time Nino did come over, we spent most of the time in Manchester with my family and the last three days we went up north to Newcastle! I will be putting a post up soon about our whole trip!! Excited to share with y'all all the details about our experiences doing CouchSurfing and sharing a car!  - Shop my closet   Does anything catch your eye? If so, let me know, we could arrange a sale!
Do you also feel attached to your clothes and have a very hard time getting rid of things!!Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!
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