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Shoe Shopping for Back-to-School at Famous Footwear

By Arredmon @mamachallenge
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Disclaimer: I was provided a gift card from Famous Footwear as well as the opportunity to shop for as many shoes as possible as part of a local Famous Footwear event hosted by Dallas Moms Blog. All the comments here are my own.  It's no secret that I have issues with shoes. Really. 

While I enjoy looking at them, I don't like to wear them. When you have a wide foot it makes it hard to put on cute shoes and be comfortable. That's why I'm the queen of sandals and always in need of a new pair of shoes - at least ones that aren't summer specific. And since it was also right before back-to-school, I wasn't the only one that needed shoes, so all the Reos could use another pair of shoes.  That meant shopping. And shoe shopping is the worst. 
Shoe Shopping for Back-to-School  at Famous Footwear However, just in time, I was invited to a little special "mama time" with some friends to do a little private shoe shopping at Famous Footwear. Thank goodness. I needed some female opinions so I could make some purchases in a reasonable amount of time that weren't just comfortable, but functional and hopefully, cute too!
Shoe Shopping for Back-to-School  at Famous Footwear Oh, how I found all kinds of choices - just which ones should I buy?  Considering my current athletic shoes were about two years old (and just a little note, that's way too long to not replace your running shoes), I really could use a pair, especially since the ones this season are fun, bright and very colorful. There were also some adorable Sperry boat-style shoes that were SO cute. I've always liked Sperry's for the whole family, especially since they give moms like me an alternative to flip flops - ideal during the winter time! Black and white damask with red laces, sequins and even leopard print, I eyed several pairs I would want to add to my wardrobe. And of course, I would have to peak at some gladiator sandals, my always go to. The ones I found were so cute and had a little Bohemian vibe. Adorable. 
What to buy. What to buy? What to buy!  Thankfully, for a limited time, I didn't have to purchase just one pair, but could get a second pair half off! (Gotta love some BOGO 1/2 off!) Then add my special discount for being a Famous Footwear Rewards member, I had discounts coming out my ears! Now that +  shoe shopping was something to be excited about. 
Shoe Shopping for Back-to-School  at Famous Footwear
Finally, I realized I wasn't the only Reo who could use a new pair of shoes, so I leaped over to the kids' aisle. While my little girl is a little young for these Converse, I couldn't help but stop to take a look at them. With all kinds of colors and fun tongues that even included emoticons on the reverse side, these shoes screamed "I would have to have you IF I had a teen!" 
Shoe Shopping for Back-to-School  at Famous Footwear
Finally reaching the little girls' shoes, I set eyes on a pair of tennis shoes that Miss T. had to have. They were pink, glittery, blingy, and had studs all over them! And they lit up too! And considering little girl had a birthday the next day, I just had to snatch these up and surprise her for her big day! Aren't these Skechers CUTE!?!

Shoe Shopping for Back-to-School  at Famous Footwear Starting to really find my stride with my first must-have, I spotted this sign:
Shoe Shopping for Back-to-School  at Famous Footwear
Finding out this great little kernel of knowledge was perfectly timed since I had eyed me a pair of these Naturalizer Peep Toes (both cute and comfortable!) Unfortunately, my size was missing! What to do, what to do? I just brought the shoes to the register and they took my address. For $0, they would send these gotta-have heels to my doorstep. (Now that's service!) Shoe Shopping for Back-to-School  at Famous Footwear And that wasn't all either! A little love from Lady Luck made me a winner of an opportunity to get as many pairs of shoes as I wanted in :30 seconds with a little shop-to-you-drop. That meant I was able to pull a pair of Sperry's for both me and my hubs plus, of course, those cute shoes for my two-year-old! And I may have also found a pair of sandals that would get a little play for the remaining weeks of the summer!  So perhaps, maybe, I don't mind shoe shopping. Especially if I can get it all in one place and at a price I can afford. Thanks to Famous Footwear, I was able to find that and more.  Now I understand why their tagline is "Victory is Yours."  There's a mama challenge I was excited to win. 

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