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Shirt Styles to Upgrade Your Fashion Game

By Meghashop @kumarisapna11

Wish to take your styling game from 0 - 100? Well, elevate your everyday style essentials, and you are halfway there!


Your clothing defines your personality, and the outfits you choose will undoubtedly reflect your personality - whether you tone them down or jazz them up, they speak a lot about you! It doesn’t matter what you have, but you can easily stand out if you style it correctly. Your wardrobe staples can do a lot for you only if you use them creatively - think mix ‘n match, layering - the options are endless.

There’s a saying- The more professional you look, the more you will be taken seriously. And, trust me, your choice of clothing speaks a lot when it comes to professionalism. Talking about professional outfits, what can be better than a shirt? No matter what the color, a crisp shirt can never go wrong! Shirts are an absolute style staple that can be styled in numerous ways! Let’s go through a few of the styling tips that can help you elevate your overall outfit.

Follow some easy tips that can help you style your shirts in different ways!

1.   Style it relaxed – The newest rebellious way of carrying the shirt is to keep it loose & relaxed. Whether short or long, keeping the shirt relaxed always makes the person look most casual and laid back. You either pair it with boots or sneakers or go trendy with loafers. The shirts that you can mainly adopt to keep loose should have a flat bottom to help you accentuate the silhouette. Loose shirts will help you look relaxed, approachable, and laid back no matter where you go.

2.   Choose a one-side Tuck - All you need to do is unbutton a few buttons from the waist and tuck the button-sided end in your bottoms. This style can instantly add a trendy edge and fun to your overall look and elevate your plain bottoms or jeans.Follow this tip when you go out with friends for a casual meal or gathering.

3.   Choose a French Tuck – You got to style this one for sure! French tuck is very similar to the one side tuck but different in leaving only the front tucked in. It is an effortless way to look super cool and appear and accentuate your overall look. Take care not to tuck it tight as you need to keep it relaxed, giving your look an utterly easy aura. Pairing this style with statement boots is always a good idea for an adventurous trip or so.

4.   Opt for the Military Tuck- You’ve probably heard of this one, but are not sure how to style it! if you frequently wear dress shirts that are a size or two big, and in these cases, the military tuck can be useful. Simply fold the extra fabric at the sides of the shirt and wrap it around the back to complete the look. Before you button your pants, pinch the shirt from the waist and collect all the extra room it is taking, wrap the extra fabric towards the back with the help of your thumb, and ta-da, you are with the perfect straight look with a pleat at the side. It works very well with the coat as it hides your crease as well.

5.   Go for the Full Tuck- The all-time favorite way of tucking the shirts allows you to completely tuck in the fabric spread equally inside your bottoms. This style is perfect to be presentable at any meeting or occasion. The easiest way to do this is, tuck all the fabric of your shirt in and then smoothly push the fabric away from the waist leaving just the right amount remaining tucked inside.

6.   Choose the Underwear Tuck - But what you need to do is tuck an undershirt into your underwear and then systematically tuck your shirt in your pants. It works better for the younger ones, who face trouble adjusting their shirt but need to keep it in tack for a longer duration. This style of tucking is one of its kind and helps people solve the problem of extra fabric hanging from the waist.

No matter how you style your shirt today, add a tip to set your cuffs as well. Either wear it full, roll it up, showing the inside detail or pull it up and then down to reduce the length; everything works when you wear it with confidence. Also, you can add some fine accessories that are simple yet classy to get noticed with your edgy looks, for example, a wristband, rings, or a simple chain to look more stylish with your outfit. While choosing a shirt, make sure you’ve chosen the perfect pair of bottoms to complement it as well. Balance is key! Something that instantly enhances the look and feel of your overall outfit is a neatly ironed crisp shirt. Personally, I love using a steam iron but you could use a flat iron too! Whatever you have at hand, make the most of it. I also highly recommend researching the materials your shirt is made up of. Fabric makes all the difference and determines how the shirt is going to stay and fall on your body. I love 100% cotton, linen blends, and poly-viscose blends. For the warmer months, I recommend cotton and linen all the way, whereas for occasions and partywear, choose a viscose blend shirt.

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