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"Shining the Spotlight" Positive Social Good Campaigns in Marketing.....

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity
Wow Shiners Week 3 of Shining the Spotlight and I am hoping you are enjoying this so far. I know I enjoyed reading the pieces before hand and this is why I wanted to shine the spotlight on all of you. This piece is from one of my new found friends that I have met through blogging and goes by the name of Cirquedumot.
Here is a good piece on Positive social Campaigns.....after you enjoy Skip on over and Shine the Spotlight on her blog!
                     Positive Social Good Campaigns in Marketing
How can marketing be a positive in our lives? This is a question that resonates with me strongly. I wouldn’t let preconceived notions prevent you from seriously considering the positives advertising and marketing can bring. The rise of digital marketing has lead to more accountability and ushered in a new way of thinking about how we sell products. PR agency Edelman conducts studies every year on current marketing trends, at the top in 2010:

Social Good

“Eighty-seven percent of Americans believe that business needs to place at least equal weight on society’s interests as on those of business” [Source]

Here is a look at 3 Social Good Campaigns

1. Let Her Jump

This is the ad that inspired me to go into the marketing field. The light bulb finally went off in my head. The notion that all advertising wasn’t worth my time went away. The truth is, many people do it badly! What we need to do is get rid of the ad suck, and start generating campaigns that get people involved with their ideas. I love the positive message of female empowerment.
2. Pepsi Refresh Project

Is their a good cause you want to raise money for? Check out the Pepsi Refresh Project that offers grants to those who submit their ideas. Votes take place every month to vote for the projects that will receive the funding. This is a great social good campaign that integrates social media and word-of-mouth marketing.
3. The Red Campaign

The (Red) Campaign is a charity chaired by Bono from the band U2. The idea is that corporations team up with the charity to offer specially branded products. Portions of the sales are donated to the global fund, whose purpose is to give treatment to Africans living with AIDS. It is also interesting to note that these special items don’t cost anymore than the regular ones. If you buy a (Red) iPod nano, you still only pay $129 for this exclusive item. No costs are passed on to the consumer.
I personally believe that we can generate positive campaigns like these in marketing and sell more products. As individuals we should encourage companies to look for more opportunities to support the social good. I want to know how these ads make you feel? Would you buy them knowing your money was going to support a worthy cause?

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