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She Tried To Make Me Eat It Off The Carpet After I Vomited It

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10055400 She Tried To Make Me Eat It Off The Carpet After I Vomited It

Its the sound my head made being bounced off the cooker that I remember. The pain ripping through my brain as I felt the warmth drip over my face. Searing agony. Then that voice, cold as ice as she said ” see what happens when you upset me”.

Looking at me with disgust as I struggled to see and stand. She left me there on the kitchen floor when my legs gave way to clean up the blood.

When I was allowed upstairs I went to my room, my head splitting and the cut still bleeding. Walking into my room I burst into tears. Every single possession I had was gone. My books, my clothes, my bed was just a mattress no curtains, no teddy bears, no toys. Just a carpet, and empty wardrobes, drawers and mattress. Even my curtains were gone.

She told me that I didn’t deserve nice things and luxuries. That if I wanted clothes back I had to earn them. Same with curtains, bed blankets, everything. She ripped up all my homework.

That night I had no dinner. She made chilli con carne and it made me sick. She tried to make me eat it off the carpet after I vomited it. I couldn’t  So I was hungry.

I slept that night on the bedroom floor with no blankets, no pillow, nothing except my underwear on. Not even pajamas or a dressing gown. It was very cold.

Over the next week I was fed chilli every day and if I couldn’t eat it I had to beg for toast. Two pieces of toast a day while they all had proper dinners. In that week I wasn’t allowed to bath or use any cutlery or plates or cups.

I wasn’t allowed to use the toilet except once a day and I was kept in that bare room all other times. I had no light bulbs so when it got dark I just sat there.

I was allowed uniform for school and that had to be taken off after school. I was allowed no other clothes.

After a week, I was very hungry. The bruises had begun to fade, she made me work hard for my light bulbs back, then my quilt. I was desperate for warmth. Three months after I earned everything back and that was the end of that lesson.

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