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She Did It, She Knew Shouldn’t, His Wife Showed up

By Samkitots

She did it, she knew shouldn’t, his wife showed upShe clearly could read the signs…there was no getting this one past her friend. They had always kept in touch and shared the deepest secrets but this friendship was under immense strain.

Touching another’s boyfriend had always been out of bounds and she knew better…who knew a simple conversation
from her during one of her deranged moments would have elicited such a close bond with her friend’s other half? She had confided in him that all was not well in her camp. He had been such a rapt listener. But I guess you can’t hold fire close to your bosom and not get burnt! Her other girlfriend who’d gotten wind of this misdeed of hers (during an unguarded moment confiding), had actually encouraged her to find a sympathetic ear who could give her an unbiased opinion….sheesh! Unbiased?!

Well, now she was confronted with the sickening task of explaining their rendezvous at her favorite club, where they’d ‘bumped’ into his girlfriend!!! How ironic, that you always meet those you don’t want to encounter when you don’t want to be seen most…

I guess that friendship would go up in smoke once Mistrust set in, from both quarters. She was of a different opinion altogether… a simple explanation would have sufficed. Why did her friend now have to make a molehill out of a drink at a club past work hours? Why was she labelling this as a secret? They were her mutual friends before her friend ever started hanging out with him. In fact, she had pointed him out-seated quietly scanning the room in a smoky corner. Now, she was the enemy? But “boundaries were boundaries,” her friend vehemently insisted. Boundaries? Boundaries… really?

Why should she now encourage further acrimony when this was already enough of a spectacle? There wasn’t a hole deep enough in that corner of Eldoret for her to hide after this mortifying display…. The earful that followed revealed his unexplained absences away from his ‘official’ girlfriend to come hang-out for a coffee… how naive she had been. His dragging his feet to head home never raised her eyebrows. She simply believed his innocent response that he had time to kill. How was she ever to imagine that all was topsy-turvy in paradise?Photography by @SteveKitots

The innocent hug led to more than they’d both bargained for. They pulled apart; awkwardly trying to explain what they knew was mutual attraction. The long walks home were one highlight of her day. Conversation was so easy with him. Warm and receptive, she never imagined the storm that was brewing under the surface. Well, all her best intentions to keep this friendship discreet had now crumbled. Who would blame her? Single, moneyed, well-endowed… she was simply using what her mother gave her! This jealousy from the female folk in the office had always riled her. Now he secretly paid her the attention she craved. 

That was until a sweet-looking lady asked to join her at her table one evening. She informed her visitor that the table was reserved awaiting her date. The lady simply smiled and slid into the booth…When Henry joined them, what played out next was like “Naswa- Caught Out” Kenyan style…The demure female companion whirled on Henry, accusations of infidelity flying…she transformed into an acrimonious, screaming force.

Quickly gathering her wits about her, she clambered over the entangled husband and wife duo; anonymity was her greatest desire now. How would she face him in the office tomorrow? She contemplated resigning, if only to save face. He was married??!!

Guess she best get her fingers out of that cookie jar, before she was left with no digits to show for it…


Christine is passionate about working with high achieving women who are not where they want to be. She is a Motivational Speaker (FINE WOMEN Motivational Forum) – Upcoming Author – Married and Mother to 3 beautiful girls – Enjoys travel, cookery and hosting friends. Follow her blog here and her work at The Lilly Reveiw.

Photography by @SteveKitots (

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