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Shares in Sell out – Do You Want to Invest in Fractional Ownership?

Posted on the 05 December 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains

Disclaimer: Nothing below is a recommendation or a solicitation to buy or sell any domain name or do business with any of the companies mentioned below.

Aron Meystedt announced today that his proof of concept for selling fractional ownership in domain names has sold out.

Shares in were sold valuing the at $30,000.

Here was the offering memo: – Purchase Shares HereWe all know that the high-end of the market is where the money is to be made.
But, for many of us, that tier of domain name is unattainable. Until now.

Hi, I’m Aron Meystedt, and I’ve sold millions of dollars in domain names in the past few years alone:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and dozens of others. You might remember the auctions we held at Heritage (

I am offering a prime three-letter .com for fractional ownership:
This means that you are now able to own shares in, as we are splitting ownership among everyone.
Below, you can select how many shares of you wish to purchase. This is an amazing three-letter .com!

The stated wholesale value is: $30,000
The price per share is $100
There are only 300 total shares that will exist.

This is an opportunity to own a stake in a very valuable name, without spending a fortune.
You will hold a percentage ownership in this asset, depending on how many shares you pick up.
Limit of 30 shares per person.

Enter your name, email address and the number of shares you want to buy.
Additional terms are below, including the 100% refund I am offering.

Thank you!
Aron Meystedt (in progress)

My background is in securities and I have been hesitant to jump in without hearing more about regulations and licenses.

In general, all securities offered in the U.S. must be registered with the SEC or must qualify for an exemption from the registration requirements. The registration forms a company files with the SEC provide essential facts, including: … Information about the management of the company.

You can read the Securities and Exchange Commission’s fast answers here.

You can read more here

Aron has posted the following:

FAQ: Is this a security?
I have worked with a team of securities lawyers for over a year, and spent a fortune. Short answer, NO.
We’ve found a way to make these offerings NOT a security – which is huge. That means 24/7 trading, peer to peer, with no restrictions. Our platform will be in legal compliance with securities laws — meaning, we’ll structure the offers to our buyers that make the positions you buy not a security.

I would take it that Aron’s counsel believes there is an exemption for what he will be offering. You can read about exemptions here.

Someone asked a great question with regards to a UDRP.

wwwweb said: What if the name gets hit with a udrp, and taken away, what happens to investment, am I obligated to pay for legal fees based on ownership.
It’s a great idea, for domain holders to raise working capital from dormant domains.

Aron: We will have that worked out. As of now, I am paying legal fees from UDRP and I refund buyers if a name is taken/stolen/expires etc.

A lot of people have discussed the prospects of fractional ownership, Reza from, Rob Monster of Epik. It looks like Aron is committed to rolling out a full exchange to buy and sell. It will be interesting but in my opinion we need more info on the legal standing before jumping in.

There are people selling fractional ownership in everything these days from collector cars to baseball cards.

So do you like the idea of owning some share in a What about a or

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