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‘Shameless’ Carlease Burke Dishes On LGBT Activism And Acting In Hollywood

Posted on the 18 August 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright


Actress Carlease Burke, currently known as portraying eccentric lesbian on Showtime’s Shamelessrecently sat down with the Advocate to talk about her role, her love of comedy and acting in Hollywood.

‘Shameless’ Carlease Burke Dishes On LGBT Activism And Acting In Hollywood

Carlease Burke

On Shameless, Burke plays Roberta, the partner of Monica Gallagher, the ex-wife of Peter Gallagher – the main character (aptly played by William H. Macy). Even though the actress has been on seen on a myriad of movies and television programs ranging from Quentin Tarentino’s Get Shorty to ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy – the actress wants to let everyone know that she has more invested in life besides her career.

For one thing, Burke – a lesbian – is a huge supporter of LGBT activism, even expressing hope that the rest of the African-American community would soon follow suit.

Excerpted from the Advocate:

“One would think that of all people, the black community as a whole would be more understanding and supportive of civil rights and the equality of all people,” says Burke. “The only way we are going to make huge strides is when we have the support of straight black people and our churches. Our heterosexual friends and family members need to stick up for us and be proud of their LGBT relatives, who include doctors, teachers, coworkers, police officers.”

Burke offers keen insight on the role African-Americans have in advancing acceptance and equality, saying religious institutions must play a major role. “Black churches have some obligation to advocate for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community, especially since it preaches that God is love and created us all in his image,” she says.

One thing’s for sure – it is nice to see our own giving back to the community – no matter how successful they are. Keep up the good work, Burke – we are all here supporting you!

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