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Shame on the Right. We Are Not the Enemy; They Are Intentionally Becoming Our Enemy with Their Failed Values and Their Failed Politics.

Posted on the 12 April 2013 by Doggone
Every time I hear someone talking about 'taking back our government', I ask "from whom?".  Every time I hear someone talking about needing their guns to take up arms against the government, I am reminded that the government is US, the American people, and those they intend to shoot down are our fellow Americans.  Likewise, I am reminded that every time the right wing nuts demonize our public civil servants, the union employees in the public sector, I am reminded that these our are fellow Americans, our friends and family, not some sort of villains or wicked criminals.
Shame, shame, shame on the right for their vicious politics that hate America.
Shame on the right. We are not the enemy; they are intentionally becoming our enemy with their failed values and their failed politics.

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