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Shack Allotment in Goa to Be Hold off by Tourism Department

By Vishnudas
Shack Allotment in Goa to be Hold off by Tourism DepartmentWhen the appeal filed by some shack operators differing the beach shack policy of 2013 to 2016 came up for hearing before a section bench on Monday morning, the tourism department told the high court of Bombay at Goa on Monday that they will not assign shacks till 7th of October (Monday). Goan Traditional Shack Operators Association (TGTSOA) and some other shack operators including 90% of applicants with 3 years and no knowledge and 10% of shack operators with fewer than 3 years and no knowledge has filed an appeal challenging the reluctance of shacks. Unlike the practice followed last year in which the period for erecting a shack was 1 year, the plea has articled to a fresh condition in the guidelines in which the certificate for erecting a shack will be provided for a time of 3 years. The court was certained by advocate Manish Salkar, the advocate on behalf of the tourism department, that the department would not continue the allocation of shacks. He assured the court when the stuff came up for hearing on Monday. On the nest hearing on coming Monday, the tourism department has been asked to file its response. In the shape of wait on the draw of lots for the shack allocation, the counsels for the supplicants Nitin Sardesai and Ryan Menezes pushed for intervening respite. By alluring applications from the shack operators, the procedure has previously been begun of shack allocation by the tourism department. 960 applications for 350 shacks were received on the final date of September 25 in which 108 will be billed in South Goa and 242 in North Goa. To inspect applications and allocate shacks through a draw of lots, usually it takes a period of 8 to 10 days. Ref:

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