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Sexuality and Sports; Reflections of a Changing Society

By Bearbottomproductions @BearBottomProd

Unless you have been hiding under a Sexuality and Sports; Reflections of a Changing Societyrock, which I have done a lot of lately with regards to these recent situations, you’ve probably heard of Proposition 8 reaching the Supreme Court, and Jason Collins’ public coming out. It is not a surprise to see the media reacting in such ways. I was seeing this development in the media reactions when Chick-Fil-A CEO said he was for “traditional marriage” and even before then. I usually stay out of this conversation for one reason. I am gay, and I am Christian. With ties in both worlds, it was extremely hard to sift through the muck and junk of this debate; through the hate spewing on both sides, trying to get a logical, and reasonable opinion in without it being shut down by either sides. This is a big thing for me to write about, and I hope you can take something away from what I have to say from my view of this situation.

Jason Collins is the first active NBA player to come out as being gay.Statements in response to this news, the media is in full support of him, while ESPN Commentator Chris Broussard, has made statements that are controversial because of his religious beliefs. From a Biblical perspective Broussard didn’t say anything inaccurate. He stated Biblical facts, went on a personal belief, not forcing it on Collins, or anyone else. He was asked his opinion, and he’s getting all sorts of hell fire because he just spoke what he believed.

Sexuality and Sports; Reflections of a Changing Society
I’m completely fine with Collins statement, and his coming out, as that is his prerogative. I personally believe that sexuality is something that should remain private, and behind closed doors, but we don’t live in that society. Everyone has their reason to come out, and should have the freedom and liberties that are given to a person, who has been made in the image of God. I am not upset with regards to this news about an athlete coming out. I’m frustrated with the bias reporting, and hypocritical actions of the media and population.

Collins has received a call from the White House, praise from former President Clinton, and countless of other sources and media outlets. George Stephanopoulos was praising him as being a hero for saving kids lives. Broussard, contrarily, is being spewed as a hateful bigot for something he believes; which is his constitutional right. Broussard said he wasn’t being hateful, he said that he and Collins understand each other, and mutual respect each others opinion. That is the mature way of handling this situation.

Let’s take Tim Tebow for example, he’s openly Christian. Many people are fine with that, others think that he should keep it to himself. I heard it, because I supported his right to express his feelings and personal beliefs, just like I support Collins and his right to say what he feels and believes. The people who say that Tebow shouldn’t share his belief, are the same people who praise Collins as being a hero and saving kids lives. I’m not saying that Stephanopoulos is one of those people, I’m trying to make a connection, and it goes both ways. Just like people think Collins should have kept his sexuality out of Basketball and keep it to private life; these same people praise Tebow for professing his faith and being an inspiration to them.

If people want to make a hero out of someone for their belief/lifestyle/faith/or any reason that the mind can think of, then go ahead. I just ask that you not be hypocritical, and end up having to stick your foot in your mouth. I’m sure I’m not alone with being a Christian, and gay. I also don’t want to live the lifestyle of the homosexual community, and I don’t find my identity in that. I’m sure there are others like me who feel that the hypocritical, bias, and hateful comments from both sides are discouraging. They push people like me away, and show that you don’t have an understanding for someone else, or a respect for someone who doesn’t have the same opinion as you.

Take a look at what scripture has to say. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your own eye, when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye?” Luke 6:41. I think this fits perfectly with this situation, and it teaches people to deal with their own, larger, problems, before trying to “help” with others smaller, and really not important to them problems. Even though ones intentions of helping are very good, it causes harm to others, and discredits you and your capability to  help when your help is truly needed.

This lack of respect, and decency towards another person is what I am upset with. I couldn’t care less about who’s gay, and who’s Christian; that doesn’t matter to me. What matters is the way we treat each other with the dignity and respect each individual deserve. I don’t expect you to agree with my beliefs, that would be foolish, but my statements are my own, and I realize some of the contradictions of what I believe to what I think towards others. Honestly, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is how you think, and act towards someone with an ideology you disagree with. Instead of wishing someone ill; I.E. tweeting someone should get fired for a religious belief. You should instead take it as a grain of salt, have an open mind, and try to see it from their perspective.

I too am guilty of this, as is everyone. It is in our nature. The important thing is to recognize when we make the mistake and ask for forgiveness because of the lack of respect that we show to each other. I think that this is something our society has neglected to do. We are so focused on other people’s lives and their problems that we forget we have our own, and they just get bigger because of it. Remember the Golden Rule, weather you’re Christian or not, it’s a good rule to live by. “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”

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