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Sex is Laced with Love in Ellen Hopkins’s Latest Novel

Posted on the 14 September 2012 by Candornews @CandorNews

Sex is laced with love in Ellen Hopkins’s latest novel

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Good and bad, love comes with consequences.

Ellen Hopkins’s latest young adult novel, Tilt, hit bookstores across the country earlier this week.

As can be expected, the novel is written from the perspective of three teenagers: Mikayla, Shane and Harley. Mikayla can handle anything as long her boyfriend, Dylan, is by her side. Reckless and young, Mikayla’s plans for senior year must take the backseat when she discovers she’s pregnant. While Mikayla is willing to accept responsibility, her boyfriend may decide otherwise, further throwing her life into uncertainty.

Shane has come out of the closet, and fallen into the arms of his first love, Alex. Only 16 years old, Shane has dealt with more than most. The longevity of little sister’s life has been in question for the past four years, and he’ll soon learn that Alex’s life is also hanging in the balance. Caught between pain and happiness, Shane must decide if loving someone for a moment is worth losing them in the end.

The epitome of a good girl, Harley has come to realize that monotony is boring. Young and naïve, Harley welcomes the attention of older guys offering something new. In her desperate attempt to find herself, Harley begins hurtling toward self-destructive extremes. A game of Russian roulette, she may not make it very far.

Learning and suffering from the mistakes of their parents, Mikayla, Shane and Harley have little to cling to as their world begins to tilt. Inspired by teen characters introduced in Hopkins’s first adult novel, Triangles, Hopkins successfully creates a gut-wrenching story about finding inner strength.

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