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Sens Unique in the 18th: Great Food is for Us a Very Convenient Place.

By Johntalbott

March-aprl 2012 228

March-aprl 2012 235


Sens Unique in the 18th is a place I more or less stumbled on last month and found quite respectable for our region of the universe.  Today I returned with Colette and our downstairs' male neighbor, the weaker sex of the couple being off to do museums and salad.  The Marilyn Monroe movie opens here this week but the decor and clientele were here long before.

March-aprl 2012 230

March-aprl 2012 229


My friend Paga had a molded mound of chopped mango and gambas that was quite as good as my 12 oysters, 4 each of three kinds.

March-aprl 2012 234

March-aprl 2012 233


Colette then had lovely-produced and perfectly-cooked and citrus-covered scallops with an almost-millefeuille of sliced potato and bacon while my neighbor and I each had the 400-500 grams of luscious sole with a creamy butter sauce and (for me) rather decent mashed potatoes.

March-aprl 2012 236
For dessert Colette had the dream of her life - a moelleux of caramel - with a small wedge of baked apple, quite nice if I do say so myself.

March-aprl 2012 231

March-aprl 2012 232


Our bill, with forgetable haddock rillettes and OK bread, no bottled water and two bottles and a glass of wine as well as two Calvas (offered) was 190 E, thus 126.66 E a couple.

March-aprl 2012 237
It turns out that Colette has a culinary double - Shop non stop nifty eh?

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