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Senator Harry Reid: “People Who Don’t Believe in Government Are Winning”!!!

Posted on the 16 September 2013 by Adask

Senator Harry Reid:  “People who don’t believe in government are winning”!!!

“People who don’t believe in (unconstitutional) government”
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Poor Senator Reid.  He seems so forlorn. So discouraged.  He’s as distraught as a little kid who didn’t get any presents for his birthday.  He can’t get a lousy energy bill passed.  He, the Senate Majority Leader, is no longer in control.  He looks utterly defeated.

And I say Hooray!

Reid laments that the “anarchists” have taken over the Senate and the House.  By “anarchists,” Sen. Reid means those Tea Party members elected to Congress who will no longer “go along to get along” and “just follow orders”.  By “anarchists,” Reid means those Senators and Congressmen who may be more interested in increasing American Freedoms than expanding government power and police state.  People in favor of Liberty have gained sufficient influence in Congress to at least slow Big Government.  Reid seems ready to weep.

Reid also complains that ”the people who don’t believe in government” are “winning”.

Technically, he’s wrong. The Tea Party “anarchists” do believe in government.  They believe in constitutional government.  They just don’t believe in big, unlimited, corrupt and unconstitutional government that Senator Reid has helped to foster and control over his last 26 years in the Senate.

Thus, Senator Reid’s lament proves that the people (like me and most who read this blog, and even the majority of Americans) who don’t believe in big, unconstitutional and unlimited government are winning.

I say, Thank God.  

This struggle is far from over.  We have not yet “won”.  We might yet lose.  But as Senator Reid admits, at this moment in time, we are “winning”.  Hear that?  We are winning!  You and I are winning!!

Without bullets or bombs, we are wining.  Conversely, despite all the military force in support of Harry Reid, Barack Obama, big government and endless corruption, those individuals and entities are losing.  Reid can’t pass an energy bill.  Obama can’t start a war with Syria.  The S.O.B’s in Washington are beginning to cave.

I’ve been in this struggle for 30 years.  For all of that time, this struggle seemed clearly right and impossible to abandon. But it also seemed unlikely to succeed.  How could a handful of activists ever defeat the almighty US gov-co?  But in Senator Reid’s complaints, in the look on his face and the helplessness he expresses with his hands, I see for the first time that we are winning–and, more, that we might yet actually win.

That knowledge brings brings tears to my eyes. I haven’t yet lived to see the victory, but I have lived long enough to see that the victory is possible.  I am elated.

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