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Selfies, Jewelry, and Feeling Ridiculous (oh yeah-and-this-is-Me)

By Laharris1

Selfies, Jewelry, and feeling ridiculous (oh yeah-and-this-is-Me)

Hello friends.Well, I certainly didn’t plan on writing a post about Selfies today but if you’re a regular here you already know I love to talk about things in life that baffle me-excite me-or challenge me.  So today’s topic pretty much covers all three of those.First—here’s the excitement part:  

Selfies, Jewelry, and feeling ridiculous (oh yeah-and-this-is-Me)
When was the last time someone sent you a gift in the mail for absolutely no reason?Not your birthday. Not a holiday.Nada. Nothing. Just because.Well that’s what happened to me recently when Vannessa from Luxuria sent me an elegant set of hammered multi-toned bangles from her jewelry collection…totally out of the blue, as a little token of blogger love. Honestly, this is one of the amazing parts of being a blogger---you end up becoming friends with people from all over the world, following them through their ups and downs, knowing the names of their family, offering support from a distance when you see them struggling. Funny, the little details I end up knowing about my blog friends. They may be women I’ve never met in person--- yet I have this distinct feeling that I “know” them.So let me tell you about Vannessa.She’s got an inspiring fashion blog —and a gorgeous line of jewelry. She lives in a 300 year old cottage in London and regularly writes posts about all things related to being a smart woman with a sharp sense of style. I can’t even remember how long I’ve known Vannessa but based on my memories of her life, it feels like it’s been a long time.Okay, here’s the selfie part of the post—baffling and challenging me all at once.Do you want to know how much I like Vannessa?Well.I like her SOOOOOOO much that I actually agreed to take a few pictures so I could share my new bangles and do a little shout-out for her jewelry business. And this is no small thing for me.If you’re a regular here you might have noticed I don’t post pictures of myself much. Well actually never. (Except for this one little yoga pose)
Selfies, Jewelry, and feeling ridiculous (oh yeah-and-this-is-Me)
After several years of blogging, this is actually my first picture I've ever posted of myself. Wow. That's hard to believe... even for me.But truthfully, I may be the last official woman on earth who doesn’t take Selfies.I know. Call me a dinosaur. But I admit, I'm totally mystified by that urge to pause-in-the-middle-of-whatever I’m doing, to take pictures of myself. I literally never do this.Although I loooove to see your Selfies, I absolutely do! 

I so admire those women like my friends Tamera and Elizabeth who are refreshingly unabashed about sharing their self-portraits with the world, and whom inspire women of all ages to do the same. 
Express your own version of beauty and humor and self-confidence, they say to all of us, and do it through the art of taking Selfies. If you visit their blogs, you’ll see for yourself how easy it is to get caught up in their exhilarating freedom of expression.

But Moi? I admit it; I’m not a convert yet.

Does this make me an old fuddy-duddy?Honestly I just don’t get that 'Empowered-This-Is-Me-Being-Totally-Me-Feeling, as I struggle to figure out how far to hold my phone away from the gigantic-looking face I see in that screen.Do you?I mean it.Those rare times when I’ve tried to take a Selfie suddenly bring out my absurd side; that part of me that laughed out loud when Jim and I walked into an “Ugly Xmas Sweater” corporate party dressed in formal-wear because we literally missed the memo. The Me that trips in public because I misplace my glasses and can’t see the curb.It's the posing part that makes me feel a tad ridiculous. That suddenly brings out my "Tom-Boy"side ....the Me that prefers old jeans and t-shirts and who never finds time to get my nails done, because there’s literally 1000 things I’d rather be doing than sitting still long enough for someone to paint my nails. I jokingly call it my 'Dude' side;  it's the Me that recently got my first tattoo at age 57 with my 22 year old son after we met for a cold beer at a bar in Newport Beach and had a great talk about Life.I guess my point with all this blathering ….is to say, please don’t let my geeky posing as a jewelry- model keep you from visiting Vannessa’s blog and introducing yourself. It would be so kind of you to visit her at Luxuria-Jewellery and tell her I sent you!She was so sweet to send me these beautiful bracelets.
Selfies, Jewelry, and feeling ridiculous (oh yeah-and-this-is-Me)
Let's see. If I lift my hair up would it draw attention to the bangles? Opps...too blurry.
Selfies, Jewelry, and feeling ridiculous (oh yeah-and-this-is-Me)
Maybe if I hold my hand up...but wait, the bangles keep separating that doesn't look right.....
Selfies, Jewelry, and feeling ridiculous (oh yeah-and-this-is-Me)
What if I hold my arm up... balancing it on my other arm? At least the bangles all fall together, but what's with that plastic smile? I could keep going but you'd be bored silly. I know I am.But you should know that these bangles really do look great with everything! And I sure hope you have fun checking out Vannessa's jewelry. Oh and before you go...please tell me, how do you feel when you take Selfies?xoLeslie

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