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See Grant Gustin in Full Costume as The Flash – He’s the Maroon Speedster

Posted on the 12 March 2014 by Weminoredinfilm.com @WeMinoredInFilm

The CW previously revealed a headshot of Grant Gustin in costume as The Flash for the upcoming Arrow-spin-off.  Rather than do something cruel like only reveal the costume in piecemeal fashion (e.g., next we see the torso, then the upper legs, etc.) they’ve done something far more sensible: given us a full body image of Gustin as The Flash.

Flash costume

As observed by the AVClub, the costume “appears to be crafted from the same sporty, rubberized polymer favored by all modern superheroes for its flexibility and moisture-wicking. It also features crucial aerodynamic ridges to cut down on wind resistance around the knee area.”

The show producers previously said they would go for a traditional look rather than modernize it or ease into it as they have with Green Arrow on Arrow.  They weren’t lying.  In full costume, Gustin looks pretty much like The Flash, although the part covering his chin is a more recent addition to the costume in the comics.  Oddly, due to the darker coloring it instantly brings to mind Ben Affleck’s Daredevil costume:


And maybe Captain America’s helmet:



As a point of comparison, here’s The Flash in the New 52 comics:


The main thing to notice is obviously that Flash’s costume in the comics is far brighter than Gustin’s, which appears to be maroon, and that his boots are a Hulk Hogan yellow whereas Gustin’s appear to be the same color as the rest of his costume.  In fact, one fan truly geeked out over that, going to TVLine.com for clarification:

“Question: Is that a yellow lightning bolt on The Flash’s leg? Maybe they wanted to break up the all-red costume but decided not to give him yellow boots like in the comics? –Gail
Ausiello: Actually, no — we did some digging around, and the bolt is red/maroon with gold stitching along the edge. There’s also some gold trim on The Flash’s boots.”

We now have a headshot and a full body image, but considering how much of The Flash’s time fighting crime is spent simply running very fast we can’t really know what to think until we see this thing in action.  I am personally not totally in love with what we’ve seen so far mostly because it’s darker than I expected.  So, there’s a period of adjustment.  I do think they were right to somewhat downplay the heavy lightning bolt imagery from the comic book costume.  What do you think of how the costume is shaping up for the CW’s The Flash?  Are you, like me, struggling to completely love it?  Or are you over the moon for it?  Let us know in the comments section.

The Flash is being co-created and produced by Arrow writer/DC Chief Creative Office Geoff Johns and Arrow co-creators/executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg.  The cast of characters will include Barry Allen (duh), his surrogate father (Detective West), his love interest/best friend (Iris West), a potential best bud (Cisco Ramon), a professional rival (Detective Thawne), a disgraced boss (Harrison Wells), a potential villain (Caitlin Snow), and a complete mystery role.  For a complete rundown, head elsewhere on the site.  Should the CW pick the pilot up to series it is expected to begin airing in the Fall at the start of the new TV season.

Here’s The Flash in action in the recent DC Animated film Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox:

Source(s): AVClub, TVLine

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