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Season 3: Will Hook and Emma Get Together? Colin O’Donoghue Says…

Posted on the 19 June 2013 by Bittersweet1975 @onceupon_fans

On Once Upon a Time, there is no shortage of couples to ship, from the canon (Rumbelle) to the non-canon (Swan Queen), and one of the most popular characters to pair off is Emma Swan.

Throughout two seasons on the show, the “savior” has had plenty of suitors. A few of them have died or disappeared, but one has remained relatively constant in her life — both as a thorn in her side and someone who helps her: Captain Hook.

While he’s betrayed her more than once, they always seem to come back together, and portrayerColin O’Donoghue has hinted that more could happen between them come Season 3. Given that they’re trapped on the Jolly Roger, Colin thinks it’s inevitable that he’ll hook up with one of the eligible ladies. (Recently, he said, “If it was a toss-up between [traveling companions] Regina or Emma, I’m not sure exactly who he’d go for.” Twist!)

However, when a fan asked him what he thinks of Captain Swan, he had an answer… kind of. One asked, “Would you like to see a happy ending for Hook?” to which he said, “Maybe he deserves to find love again.” It’s about time he moves on from Milah, frankly, and when a fan questioned if heloves the idea of Hook and Emma, he said, “I think Hook deserves to find love. Whether it’s with Emma… Who knows.”

Vague as ever! He’s learning from how co-creators Adam Horowitz — who recently said, “Their relationship will be explored — whether romantic or not? You’ll just have to watch. Don’t wanna spoil.” — and Eddy Kitsis tease upcoming plotlines!



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