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Scrub Up! Homemade Lip, Body and Foot Scrubs

By Newwithhashtags @NewWithHashtags


Making your own body, lip and foot scrubs couldn’t be easier! With just a few cheap ingredients you can create whichever scrubs you like, with whatever flavours and scents. It’s time to get creative!

Elderflower and Thyme Sugar Body Scrub


Scrubs are very simple to make. This elderflower and thyme body scrub contains:

Elderflower essential oil


Olive oil (although coconut oil works even better!)

Granulated sugar

And that’s it. Mix them all together until you get a runny paste, and apply it to your face or body, and wash off thoroughly with warm water. Pat dry with a towel and you’ll be left with super soft skin!

Thyme is great to use because it contains some good antioxidents, and elderflower is really soothing. The sugar is ideal for exfoliating, and the olive oil is great at moisturising and softening skin. This mixture really smells good enough to eat!

Almond Foot Salt Scrub



This almond salt scrub contains:

Coarse salt

Crushed almonds

Almond essential oil

Olive oil or almond oil

Bicarbonate of soda

You can also add honey to this scrub for a sweeter and softer result. This salt scrub is ideal for feet because the coarse salt helps get rid of rough skin, especially when used repetitively. The salt also acts as an antibacterial agent, and the bicarbonate of soda prevents food odours whilst also whitening nails. Again the oils soften skin brilliantly.

Before applying this scrub, take a small scoop in your hand and add a little water. Massage the scrub into your feet and then wash off with warm water and pat dry.

Vanilla Lip Sugar Scrub


This vanilla lip scrub can also be made with peppermint. It contains:

Fine sugar

Olive oil or jojoba oil

Vanilla or peppermint extract

Mix it altogether until you have a smooth paste and massage it onto your lips. Wash it off and your lips are left feeling super soft and smelling delicious! This one is great for those harsh winter winds, and it doesn’t matter too much if you accidentally get some in your mouth.

Simples! These scrubs are so easy to make and a little trial and error will tell you exactly how much of each ingredient you’ll need. Typically you only need a few drops of the essential oils, and all of these scrubs can be preserved for weeks in jars. I prefer making them fresh each time I need them, but if you choose to make your own batch of scrub it’s amazing how much cheaper it is than buying exfoliators from shops.

Discover your favorite flavours now!

Scrub Up! Homemade Lip, Body and Foot Scrubs

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