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Scott Brown Plays Hide and the Little Boys Room

Posted on the 16 July 2014 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
BY RF Schatten
A stupid mistake for a politician to avoid: If you lose an election, don't carpetbag yourself across state line, and then, re-market yourself as one of them!! Stupid Mistake #2?? Don't ever pull that stunt in New Hampshire!! After losing the Women by 18 points in Massachusetts...this self-proclaimed astute, former Colonel with the Judge Advocate General's Corps, Real Estate Lawyer, Model, and Cosmopolitan Centerfold...decided his name was mud in Mass, so why not move across the border, to the Granite State??
But something happened on his way to Concord...New Hampshire, that is. Scott Brown may know...though, it appears he doesn't...Massachusetts Politics. He certainly doesn't know the "Live Free or Die" mindset on Political Candidates. New Hampshire treats politics and politicians a little different, than the rest of the country...they take their Politics seriously...political ads are a non-factor in New Hampshire. If you want to meet a candidate, have him or her come over to your house...and talk around the kitchen table, along with a house full of neighbors. Local diners and coffee shops are
also meeting places, to meet the candidates...and the big difference, is nthat it doesn't matter whether you're Republican or Democrat, Conservative or doesn't matter what Party has more
registered voters, New Hampshire doesn't vote straight party line, if they don't get to talk to you, or listen to you in person?? you may very well lose their vote.
So, Scott Brown decided to play New Hampshire's "Meet the Candidate" exercise. That means sitting at a restaurant, and listening to as many people who come to see you, and ask you as many screwball questions as they 'can' responses either...New Hampshireites don't enjoy bullshit artists...and worse, they don't enjoy "Flatlanders". If there's one thing that makes their blood boil, is a dumb Flatlander from Massachusetts.You must live in the Granite State, to understand their culture. The spectacle of Scott Brown hiding in the little boys room, in order to stonewall an answer...then running out to his car and quickly driving an embarrassment and an insult to those people who came out to see him. He may win his primary, in September...but, expect him to pack his carpet
and his bags...and shuffle out to greener pastures.
 Brown 'took shelter in the bathroom' to avoid contraception questions | MSNBC

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