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Scoped Out: Fifty Shades of Bono is Erotic Fan Fiction Site

By Periscope @periscopepost
Bono: erotic fiction inspiration

Bono: Doesn't he have lovely eyes? Photocredit: Fifty Shades of Bono

The background

Fifty Shades of Grey is E L James’ erotic bestseller. It originally started off as fan fiction, detailing the sexual relationship between Bella and the vampire Edward Cullen in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight. But when it took off, she changed the names, and a monstrous phenomenon was born.

So it seems fitting that on the day of U2 singer Bono’s birthday, a Tumblr site should come to light which is itself a homage to E L James – Fifty Shades of Bono and Edge. It’s a fansite dedicated to, er, erotic fiction about Bono and The Edge.

Squeaking leather and practicing the piano

“The leather squeaks under our weight as I shift to unbutton your tuxedo shirt. Your fingers tug at the zipper of my dress. The sight of you in a tux never fails to unhinge me. Why are awards shows so damn long?”, is one example.

Readers can enjoy looking at pictures of Bono in various states of clothing. Fantasies include: Bono watching whilst the writer swims naked; doing a rosary with Bono; being found by Bono making a chocolate cake; listening to Bono practice the piano; and listening to Bono sing in the shower.

“Don’t look at me like that, you know what you did. Those big blue eyes will get you nowhere. How can I forgive this? Stop with that luscious lower lip. No, I don’t want to taste it. You didn’t consider my feelings at all. Stop batting your eyelashes at me….I’m livid that you shrunk my favorite sweater in the dryer……

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