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Scientist Discovered a Cure for Cancer More Than 60 Years Ago (It Has Been Kept a Secret All This Time)

By Jeak @mylifeandheath

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Scientist Discovered a Cure for Cancer More Than 60 Years Ago (It Has Been Kept a Secret All This Time)

A person who has been nominated for a Nobel Prize in Medicine six times, Dr. Johanna Budwig definitely deserves our respect. She passed away in 2003, at the age of 63, and during her lifetime she cured 90 % of her cancer patients. She treated her patients with all natural treatments which did not have any side effects. Because of her success rate, the nuclear and the pharmaceutical industries considered her the greatest enemy. These industries have been hiding her work since the early 1950s, and this is the reason we are not familiar with the Budwig Protocol.

She stated that she had the answer to cancer, but the American doctors would not listen. She added that they came there and observed her methods and were impressed. She continued that they wanted to make money out of her methods. However, she didn’t want to do it, so she was constantly being blackmailed.

The Cancer Industry is Founded on Lies!

The pharmaceutical companies make a fortune from seriously ill patients, meaning that those who are healthy or dead does not bring profit to them. Thus, it is not a surprise that they are not interested in finding cure for cancer. Cancer is a disease which brings the pharmaceutical companies enormous financial gain. For this reason, they do not intend to change the situation.

The Unholy Cancer Trinity!

Radiation, toxins and acidosis which is caused by malnutrition and pharmaceuticals are the unholy cancer trinity. Acidosis is the final cancer stage, when the body becomes acidic and its ability to carry and retain oxygen is severely reduced. Healthy people have between 98 to 100 blood oxygen levels, while that of those who have cancer is 60. Cancer patient have wastes like carbon dioxide in their blood instead of oxygen. Because there is lack of oxygen, there is a cell mutation and formation of tumors.

The most powerful weapon against cancer is oxygen. Budwig Protocol promotes oxygen supply faster and better that all other therapies, whilst adjusting the pH level of the body, bringing it to an alkaline state. An alkaline state means that the body is full of oxygen. This is an environment in which cancer cells cannot survive.

The Budwig Protocol is founded on using a mixture made from quark cheese and flaxseed oil. Dr. Budwig discovered that those diets which are fat-free can lead to serious problems. She eliminated foods which cause cellular oxygen starvation and damaging foods from the diet and instead she used foods which were healing and rich in essential fatty acids. She emphasized the sunlight importance. Sunlight is a natural vitamin D source.

The Budwig Protocol!

This protocol has two stages. The first stage is all-natural, and it is a combination of omega-3 fats from flaxseed and protein-sulfur of cottage/quark cheese. According to Dr. Budwig, the body is going to synthesize just the needed amount of omega-3 fats. She added that deficiency in these fats will weaken a lot of crucial functions.

Usually, this remedy is taken orally, however, if the case is terminal, she also gave it in enema form. Next, the second stage includes special diet. It is crucial to follow this protocol for six months, in spite of the symptoms.

The Medicine:


  • Pure quark cheese- 1 cup ( it must not be made with homogenized milk)
  • Flaxseed oil-2 to 5 tablespoons, 1 to 3 tablespoons of grounded flaxseed or around 10 capsules.
  • Some cayenne

The Diet!

  • Avoid using sugar and use grape juice as a sweetener
  • Stay away from pure animal fats like dripping, fatback, lard and etc.
  • Avoid using commercial toppings or salad dressings
  • Do not eat commercial mayonnaise
  • Stay away from range-fed and non-organic meats
  • Stay away from margarine and butter
  • Drink juices which are freshly squeezed
  • Drink warm tea three times on a daily basis
  • Do not use artificial sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup
  • Be on a diet which is chemical-free
  • Stay away from processed foods
  • Avoid using pharmaceuticals
  • Avoid soft drinks consumption
  • Stay away from bottled and tap water
  • Consumed foods which are freshly prepared

Additional Tips!

  • The flaxseed oil needs to be protected from light, heat and air. Use organic and cold pressed oil.
  • Stay away from omega-3 fatty acids which come from fish oil or sources which are non-flax
  • Stay away from hydrogenated oils
  • Use chlorophyll as a supplement
  • Consume green tea regularly
  • Take Vitamin C on a daily basis
  • Avoid using cosmetics and sunscreen
  • Stay away from white flour, white salt, white sugar, white rice, white bread and anything containing chlorine compounds
  • Stay away from table salt
  • Avoid using common detergents, bleaches and soaps and find safer alternatives
  • Stay away from canola oil and soy products
  • Consume coconut oil every day
  • Consume the oxygen drink a few times on a daily basis

Scientist Discovered a Cure for Cancer More Than 60 Years Ago (It Has Been Kept a Secret All This Time)

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