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Schwartz Sells For $1,350,000: 5 Online Appraisal Services Value It From $40K to $55

Posted on the 10 October 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

I thought it would be interesting to see what the automated appraisal services had to say about the value of the domain king, Rick Schwartz $1,350,000 Million dollar sale of

If your a frequent reader of you know I’m not a huge fan of the online appraisal services but pretty surprised when I checked this domain today and found only 2 of 5 gave it a value in the five figures, not great for a 7 figure domain.

I think a fair conclusion would be based on these services Rick did pretty well for himself and that if you selling domain names based off of these services you might be leaving just a little bit of cash on the table.

Here is Estibot valuation of




Domain Appraisal –

Domain Details:


  SLD: ebet

  Keywords: ebet     [ change ]

  Category: Other — Generic 4-letter

Appraisal Overview:

  EstiBot Value: $ 12,000 USD     [ currency ]

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Before you get on about their appraisal check out the valuation we got from


Domain Apprised $55 USD


17 year(s)

appraisal accuracy 80%


Here is the appraisal from




Appraised market value as of 10/10/2013 for $6,809

Market Low:$5,380

Market High:$11,888

Domain Details

Best Split: ebet

Domain Length: 4

Creation Date: 11/6/1996

Traffic Ranking

Alexa Rank: 23,547,973

Visits Potential: 27

Alexa Sites Linking In: 1

Moz Domain Authority: 7

Moz Links: 0

AGDPPP: $43,426

Search Engine Searches

Monthly Searches Exact: 5,400

Monthly Searches Broad: 60,500

CPC Exact: $0.7

CPC Broad: $2.7

Advertiser Competition Exact: 1

Advertiser Competition Broad: 4

Similarity & Popularity

Around COM Domains: 16,871

In Title Web Pages: 138,000

Influential Domains Visits Potential: 0

Estimated Search Results: 1,650,000

Here is the appraisal value by


Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 4.33.58 PM


Schwartz Sells For $1,350,000: 5 Online Appraisal Services Value it From $40K to $55

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The Domain is valued at: $3,849.91

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