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Scans of Alexander Skarsgård in GQ German Magazine

Posted on the 01 September 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Scans of Alexander Skarsgård in GQ German Magazine provided to us by Krissyma.  She was also kind enough to take excerpts from the interview and translate them into English, which we provide below.

QG style fall 2011 - Interview and photo shoot with Alexander Skarsgård

Interviewer: Jan Kirsten Biener

After questions about his new film Melancholia and working with the beautiful Kirsten Dunst and trying not to fall in love with her, Alex was asked about his favorite labels. He likes suits by Tom Ford but he prefers the labels from Europe, like Dior. His clothes are definitely minimalistic without wild prints.

In his younger days he borrowed clothes from his dad because he owned a lot of formal outfits and Alex and his brothers were the same size as their dad. So it was easy to find a dinner jacket for a ball, for example. But the rest of dad Stellan’s closet was not Alex’s taste.

Alex also had a rebellious phase which was expressed in wearing, for example, a tracksuit in neon pink or being a punk kid in the 90’s. Or later when he left home and signed up for the Swedish army.

Asked about his plans for the future Alex answered very diplomatically that he doesn’t have a master plan. He is sure that  it’s possible to have projects in Europe just as well as in Hollywood.

The last question was when Alex stopped to correct Americans about saying his last name Skarsgård. He doesn’t complain about it. For him it’s important to write his name correctly with the squiggle above the a.

Spelling for Germans: Skarschgoord is right!

Scans of Alexander Skarsgård in GQ German Magazine



Thanks to Krissyma for the scans and her translation of part of the interview.

Be sure to get your copy of GQ Germany by going here:

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